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25 August 2009



>>Despite being convicted of beating and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, TMZ reports, "As Brown left court, female fans could be heard screaming I love you.'"

Yes and I bet there were some lil Beyonce queens down there too, screaming the same thing.

It takes a big man to beat on a petite woman. "Chris"

Celia Ruiz

"She slapped him, and Brown responded by shoving her into a wall, the report stated."

A cycle of escalating violence. And WHEN she goes back to him it will happen again!


I hope they realize how LUCKY they are! BOTH OF THEM! What if he would have crashed the car while the incident was occurring! The reports show that they are both violent and do NOT need to be together. I hope he does well with his counseling and I hope he gets his life together and Rhianna seems to be moving on as well. I'm glad its OVER!


just like some lil lightskin punk
always trying to show how hard they are
too bad he won't be in jail
but i bet them VA hoodrats will be all over his community 'labor' site



@ Isis:

Thank YOU! Obviously bothy Rihanna and Chris have quick tempers and are violent. It is a shame what happened but perhaps both can get help? And I am sure Chris will learn something from this very public episode. Plus he will must do labor and has a felony record!


And they call us f*gg!ts. How disgusting! I don't care how riled up Rihanna made him, Chris is 6'1, and at least 170 pounds. He manhandled her, and all he gets is 5 years of probation. This is still unbelievable. Rihanna should have drove her Louboutin pump right between his legs. LOL!


rihanna is from barbados and we know these women on the island s are hot blooded and hot tempered. she hit her brother with a glass in the face some years ago...and now we have proof she slapped chris?

what else has she done that we don't know about it?


Yes, Katt, those "hot blooded" women from the West Indies are asking for it. Ugh!! Oh, and American women are delicate little flowers. Please!!

Chris Brown needs to keep his hands to himself and if Rihanna is the crazy type then he should have broken up with her long ago. With his history of watching his mother get beaten, he should be more aware of such escalating situations. Hopefully, he will learn something from this. I have more hope for him than Rihanna actually. Women who seek out these type of relationships often end up repeating the pattern again and again.

As for the girls shouting their affections for Chris Brown outside the courthouse, nothing suprising there. Women hate one another...ALOT. This should not be news to anyone who's worked in a predominantly female office.

I remember when the OJ verdict was announced and one of the TV outlets were reporting from a domestic violence shelter and watching many of the black women in the shelter explode with cheers when he was found not guilty. I mean, even if you thought he was innocent, he had a documented history of beating his wife. It was just stunning to see that. The crabs in the barrel mentality amongst women has not been explored enough.

Chris Cruz

("As Brown left court, female fans could be heard screaming I love you.'")

They were screaming and I heard them on TV!


she slapped him and HE SHOVED HER into a wall...

Please he got off easy! She did not deserve what she got from ...I

and some women have to let go of their hatred for other women.

and just because he is cute ( to some) does not excuse him


Another "celebrity" criminal gets off lightly. It's not likely Brown will learn much from this episode as he's probably surrounded by handlers and promoters who will spin this his way. While bubble-headed tweeney-boppers coo and cry his name ("OOH, he's SOOO cute") Brown will continue to speak of himself as the victim. Typical batterer. This won't be his last time at "bat".


I’m sorry if this is not politically correct, but I see this from my front porch all the time. A teenage couple is walking down the street and the female is hitting the male, he is holding back. It has a cumulative effect, I fear what happens in private. When did it become permissible for a female to hit a male in public?


Gus, I couldn't agree with you more.
I caution my nieces against any type of 'play-fighting' with a man. if he were to be seen being slapped by his girlfriend by one of his boys, you can bet he's gonna return the behavior to prove his 'manhood'. This is all so sad as these young people are assuming adult roles when they've yet to learn all the lessons in being a teenager, much less an adult.

19 y/o m.

I agree with Gus.
I didn't know it was ever permissible that I woman be allowed to hit and beat on a man simply because she is a woman. In all honesty, it sounds like an escalation of events. And I'm sure Rihanna played just as much a role as Chris.
I can't tell you how many times I see females hitting on men and never getting reprimanded for it. No, we're told to simply "walk away"...
...meanwhile, she's bashing us over the head with lamps, pots and pans, and other heavy objects.

Carter G

@ 19yo

It's never permissible to hit a woman. And men are taught if women strike to walk away or at the minimum restrain them. Who knows what happened that day in the car, but Rihanna certainly didnt bite, beat or bash Chris Brown. Or knock any teeth out or bloody his face an nose.

And "19 yo"? Really? Are you the same "19 yo" who left all those comments defending Terrell Carter? I said this in those Terrell Carter posts ...the same type of gay/DL/bi/"it's my business" type of black gay men who only came to comments to comments to defend him or Tyler Perry,k were also the same one who ran to this blog to defend Chris Brown. Really!

Carter G

@ Gus:

But let me add that I agree with much of what "Gus" said. These teens and young women think "play fighting" with boys is cute. It most certainly is not! I tell my cousins and nieces that!

But men should not retaliate and strike back at women, regardless.


We should start spreading the message that its NOT OK for anyone to hit anyone!


"But men should not retaliate and strike back at women"

Can't call a cop, can't tell the teacher/principal. We leave the males to stand there and take it, or run like a p___y. Not good options.

Gus, no profanity or graphic sexual language, please. Oh and is it that difficult to stop a woman from hitting? Maybe walking away from the relationship would be easier. -RM

Kevin Perez

Are there still idiots who still want to blame Rihanna for this? How pathetic. Some faggots and b*tches (especially women of color) need to get a reality check and see how they'd like it and if they would be still defending this little SOB. My God, does this speak volumes of how domestic abuse is handeled and view in communities.

The f*cken tragedy in all this is that POC scream and holler at the abuse like this done by authority figures and the like but when violence is perpetrated by wannabe thugs like Chris Brown or people from their own communities, there's a death silence on the matter. You know because snitches get stiches and some how the victims are blamed for the violence. It's disgusting.

There are women who hit guys for the hell of it but faggots can't accept that this case wasn't one of them. People still need to rationalize and justify Miss Brown's pathetic behavior. Poor baby and every other hoodlum that gets way with hitting women!



Who here has justified or excused Chris's behavior? Just Curious.

Anthony in Nashville

What Isis said.

Violence in general is increasingly acceptable in the US. So many people are losing their grip of common sense and decency.

There was a story a few weeks ago about some high school boys who raped/sodomized someone, but they claimed they were "just playing." I've heard similiar stories around hazing rituals for men and women.

I used to take the woman's side automatically in any dispute with a man, but I have seen too many women take advantage of the idea that "it's never right to put your hands on a woman" to really act a fool. Some pull stunts that would get a man knocked out, so I'm not surprised when some guys lose their temper.


It's amazing how these Chris Brown and Terrell Carter stories bring out people you normally don't hear from on posts about anti-gay violence, discrimination, gay rights, AIDS awareness, and other issues of importance. People can comment on anything they want to; however, it would be nice if you share your opinions on other matters as well. But I suspect not.

And to Gus, if a woman beats on a man, the man can easily call the police. A woman can be arrested for domestic violence just as easily as a man can. Unfortunately, many men feel too embarrassed to call the police. Violence is not to be tolerated at all. Too many people are acting out behavior that they saw when growing up. Keep your hands to yourselves.

Kevin Perez

"Who here has justified or excused Chris's behavior? Just Curious."

The many people who are trying to make this inccident about women getting away with hitting and abusing men so Rihanna could take some blame for something poor Chrissy did all on his own.

And yes, there are women who do abuse that the idea about men not being able to hit women. But, as said many times this case wasn't anything like that and the coward ran from the scene when the po po came. I think people simply are trying to cover how they really feel about this when they say or suggest that Rihanna should take some blame. What they really want to say is that she asked for it, he was provoked and he didn't do anything wrong.

The screaming fan girls says a lot about that type of attitude.


I think its more about women hitting men and expecting to not be hit back. Morally men should NOT hit a women, but the reality is that many do. That is what I think is really being discussed. I don't see anyone here saying it was Rhianna's fault.

This thing really goes DEEPER though, especially in the Black community. I can remember when I was little I would hear Fathers and Mothers telling their sons "You don't let no B*tch hit you". I didn't understand at the time, but I do now. Of course NOT all parents are telling the sons this, but you would be surprised how often it is said. As many have said violence in general has become more acceptable and there seems to be less and less morality involved.

None of the above excuses or justifies CB, but perhaps it does help us to understand how these situations come about. Understanding is not the same as excusing.


she is far to beautiful and talented to be wasting her time with the likes of him.

she cites whitney houston as one of the woman who influenced her musically - that don't mean she has to make her (whit's) mistakes too.

hey, are all the brown's so violent? LOL

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