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24 August 2009


Earl FF

Is that what his Don's contacts at the White House are telling him?


There won't be a second term. By 2013 we will be living under the Palin Administration. And wondering what the hell happened.



The way things are going you are about right. This is getting close to the stuff I read about in "The Handmaid's Tale" and I am scared Obama is too busy trying to be popular rather than be right.


Obama is effectively killing any chance at a 2nd term. He's backpedaled, obfuscated and outright lied to his most loyal voters. He better satisfy those that came out and voted for him or they/we will be sitting home November 2012. Hell, 2010 may be the actual end of Obama.

Joey Prince

@ Kevjack and Ronn:

All of you are right.
Don Lemon knows Barack and Michelle Obama personally. He has very good contacts at the White House and I wouldn't doubt this will become the new meme.

But you know what? If this is the case (and I don't see Obama moving on DADT or DOMA anytime soon, sorry), we have no one to blame but ourselves. And most black LGBTs can't say a WORD. Most of us, hell almost all of us, said "wait until later", wait "until health care" and all that.

At the time I disagreed (loudly) and see the larger picture now. This blog and a few of the leading gay blogs and activists were right. The time to move was months ago when Obama had sky high approval ratings. Obam's numbers are sinking like an elevator and the White House is NOT going to risk the 2010 midterms by pushing ENDA or DADT. Hell, they aren't even pushing healthcare for all Americans right now.

Chitown Kev

As far as DOMA repeal and federal civil unions, I never expected that from the first term of an Obama Administration and it didn't figure in my vote for him. I always took that simply as a move to outdo Hillary. To which I kinda, sorta responded "OK sweetie, whatever you say."

Now if HCR goes into freefall, he can recover by 2012 but it won't be easy. Liberals, progressive, and gays are simply not tolerant of what appears to be the third term of the Clinton Admnistration.

To put these issues about individual GLBT rights (hate crimes, ENDA, DADT) on the backburner is disturbing because the mandate to do those is already there.


The '2nd Term' meme might be a trial balloon. What can we do to push for changes now?



DW Jazzlover

Have a look at the voice of reason
Ms. Alice Walker


There's no guarantee Obama will get a 2nd term and even if he does win a 2nd term in 2012 there's no guarantee the Dems will control both houses of Congress as they do now.


Second term? Somehow I don't see that happening. the man has a majoroty in both houses and can't get a decnet health care bill passed, and with the GOP rage and anger among those who feel they have lost "thier America," Obama will have a fight against who ever the party of no puts on the ballot, so, he may as well do everything in his power to work on equality.


I wont start deciding his fate, because he hasn't even been in office for a year. I will wait maybe 2 year in before I will say FAIL or PASS! But I do agree there should be no "2nd term issues"! Tomorrow is NOT promised so you need to do ALL you can for equality NOW! Obviously he can't do it all at once, but he needs to do ALL he can!


where is Derrick from Philly and his obama bot cronies at?


where are you at on this? Obama can't blame hillary for THIS ONE...this is *ALL* on him...

and you WERE the one who said that he SHOULDN'T be fighting for gay rights above health care and the "other issues"....

so what say you now? hmmm?

or have those girls at towleroad blinded you to the obviousness of how much of a LAME DUCK obama is showing himself to be?

Gurl, you better GET INTO IT and defend your boy!!!

Derrick from Philly

"Obama can't blame hillary for THIS ONE...this is *ALL* on him..."

He doesn't have to blame Secretary Clinton--she works for him, dear. And she will support his re-election.

I'm still with the President, you that, Safonia. And there will be a 2nd term. What Republican do you see on the horizon who can carry Obama's jockstrap? You say he's lost some liberal backing. Ok, but has he gained stronger ground among feminists and Latinos? Are women voters so disappointed with him? Maybe, maybe not. We'll see in the summer/fall of 2012.

And don't you call my name no mo'. We don't need to get too familiar.


Oh my god, all of you are acting like it's the end of the damn world.
Name me ONE president that had sky high approval ratings at this juncture? NOT ONE!
Ya'll are acting like he was supposed to wave his magic wand and everything was going to be fine and dandy. Give me a break!

yes, I voted for him and STILL support Obama. And I voted for him based on HEALTHCARE not Gay marraige. If I go indebt because I had to have my appendix removed how am I going to afford a damn wedding?

Let's keep it in perspective and wait until he's been in office ATLEAST a full year.

It just shows the "I WANT IT NOW" Veruca Salt mentality that Americans have. That is why we are in this mess in the first place. He's the President. Not a God.


(And I voted for him based on HEALTHCARE not Gay marraige)

I think we all voted for Obama on this blog and that gives us the right to be critical. But how is "healthcare" working out? Do you mean the public option plan he RAN on the trillion dollar giveaway to phrma and insurance the White House wants know? 'Cuz so many of you defended the president not moving on any gay rights to "get Republicans to support healthcare which was never going to happen anyway.

And you're wrong. No one said "I want it now." What many people have said is they're not going to wait for some mythical second term to move on our rights. Maybe you have them, I live in a red state with NO LGBT PROTECTIONS.


Oh and Toddy...
Have you been following the "healthcare" coverage in the newspapers or this blog? If you have, you should be even more worried with the latest proposal from the White House.



I'm STILL calling you out...and you are STILL an obama bot...
come 2012 the dems won't have a majority in the house or senate, NOTHING will have been passed...

all b/c of the simple fact that YOUR BOY can't get it together NOW...

how hard is it to come up with a decent public option for a national health plan/universal health care? Our neighbors to the north have been doing it FOR YEARS...

Clearly, Obama ISN'T innovative, take what works from Canada's plan, make it work for the United States, write it up in a concise and simple to read manner, pass it, move on to the next issue, or in BarWACK's case, the next issue where he'll waffle on, etc.

keep defending him and his clear lack of fighting for ANYTHING....

and yes, i will CALL you out and will KEEP calling you out from here on out...you were the MAIN one attacking every last Clinton supporter/anyone who questioned Obama's lackluster, lightweight and transparent campaign..."Change" and "Hope"...

Obama's in office...he needs to start BEING that change and hope and doing something...passing a national health plan through would be a good way to make do on his "promises"


Ms Shady Teabaggernista,
Are you one of those Shirley Q Liqor girls???

Girl get real it will get passed (HEALTHCARE) and don't hate because Derrick is proud of Obama we all are except you????

And yes THE HELL with Hillary Clinton I SAID IT......
And your boy Bill is now blaming D.A.D.T and D.O.M.A on someone else??????

Tell that to a DUMMY!

Derrick be unbothered.
We can all be SHADY Ms Shady Teabaggernista


Lord, people are still clowning. I don't really have any opinion on this rumor since it is only a rumor. All I can hope for at the moment is that healthcare reform does pass along with the bills including hate crimes protections and ENDA passes into laws. I think we are putting too much into the here and now mindset that is going to hurt us more than help. I also live in a red state, so that is why I'm pushing for the hate crimes law and ENDA.


I don't understand why folks can't get their point across without all the rude comments. It speaks volumes about a persons character when they behave in such a manner. Prove you point and MOVE ON! All that extra aint necessary......


Hey Isis,

You're right but reading Teabaggernista's comments kind of moved me the wrong way and I just responded with no regrets.

The Hillary vs Barack thing is over and done and we need recognize that and move forward and deal with our situations at hand.


MRCHOCOLATE615: is spell and grammar check broken on your computer? Your post is tres lower-level 5th grade English-ese, and that's not cute, boo.

Your post wasn't either. Obama has *NOT* done anything even REMOTELY close to the "Change" and "Hope" he ran on last year...

he's working on one of the LARGEST issues right now: HEALTH CARE. millions of americans do NOT have insurance...people NEED basic coverage just to ensure they have access to doctors, etc.

Obama started working on this in april/may; it is AUGUST now, and the best we get is his backpedaling on the public option?

give me a break...you can follow him blindly like a clueless lemming bot you are. But, everyone ELSE is calling him out and DEMANDING he get his national health plan together, written into law, passed and moved on to the next issue of the moment....

If Hillary were in office, we've HAVE a health care plan and jobs would be PLENTIFUL...

Obama...the deficit MAY be balanced at the end of his first time...NOT.GOOD.ENOUGH.

So, miss me with you problematic and unreadable missives.

And, DERRICKA-QUANTAE, come get your minion and get another one who knows how to BRING it with the "fierce t reads and information"...please?



So you want me to bring it Ms AFLAC DOLLAR TEABAGGER? Okay I see you can’t be cordial with queens, Well Little Miss timberland weave wearing, tight jeans, fake hair, lip licking RED ounch her in the lips lip gloss little wannbe a gender blender. Madam Idiot get in. I guess you should read your little judies. Because I’m not one of them okay I see you’re still sucking meat on The Bill and Hillary Clinton train. I guess Monica had enough and you're still having leftovers????


There is NOTHING Hillary could do differently. And if she did it would only be because maybe WHITE understands WHITE? And they would not hassle her like they are Obama. You little Manboob idiot ever thought about it? Maybe some of these congressmen and women may have a hard time excepting him being President therefore because of their constituents they are not getting on board with him?

And the bottom line is this we would NOT HAVE anything done by now still under Hillary because when her husband Bill came into office it was no where near this bad. This country has not seen anything like this in nearly 80 years. AND IT WILL TAKE TIME!
Okay boo Booga from the bottom of the ghetto. Stop painting trying to look like BeYAWNsey and her tag along sister So-Long-e

Bottom line Ms Gurl HILLARY DIDN’T WIN and you and your Shirley Q Liqor behind need to accept it. Okay I’m not one of Derrick's minions okay queen and I truly can get right with you but you’re really not worth it.
The only person you need to be talking at as such is your Mother after all she brought your fake wanna be a Gender Blender ALFAC walking wish I was a FABULOUS LEGENDARY BALLROOM DRAG QUEEN behind into this world. NOT I….

And now I digress to have decent conversation and debate with adult LGBTQ‘s on this site.

Okay Miss One go play in Christopher Street traffic, or P Street NW traffic, Or 13th Street traffic, or where ever the day takes you MY DEAR!

I’m done with you! MISS ONE LESS ONE!



To Rod,
I apologize to you if these comments are a problem. I'm not here for the shade tree. But sometimes folks take you there. Please accept my apologies if I broke any rules!

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