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18 August 2009




Finally some justice in this horrific string of murders and assaults on our transgender sisters!

I am proud of the people of Syracuse who sat on that jury and realized that this was an egregious injustice, undeserved by any living person!

Prayerfully, as we wait on the outcome of the Lawrence King trial and others, and in recent light of the Prince case, this makes me feel like there's hope!

Derrick from Philly

I agree with you, RevKev. For years transgender folk have been murdered and no one (not police, prosecutors, neighbors, family, NOT EVEN SOME GAY FOLKS) cared.

"you get what you ask for--going around dressed like that." is what they often said.

Well, a little justice does help ease the pain and frustration...a little.


I too am pleased that justice has been served. One dead, one shot, and another going to jail for most of his adult life. All of it's awful.

Baltimore Femme

There is a God!

I am so pleased and excited to hear about this conviction...thank you Rev Kev for your soaring praise and thank you Derrick for knowing what "we" have gone through.

I have been off blog for a few weeks, haven't been feeling well pluss taking care of my mother. But this case been on my mind. I so wanted to see justice served. I cant tell you how many times I been scorned and even attacked a few times over being "me". It is a has been a rocky road to walk but thankfully I am still here.

This was 25 years the maximum sentence. It was for involuntary manslaughter AFTER the man was convicted on second degree murder. This isnt best outcome but I am still pleased.

DW Jazzlover

He may get to understand himself a big better in Prison.This stigma of who has just got to stop in our community! 2 Lives wasted and another scared .


"One dead, one shot, and another going to jail for most of his adult life. All of it's awful."

I don't think the victims should be put in the same category with the shooter/murderer. What happened to the VICTIMS is awful. The shooter/murderer (who killed one person and TRIED to kill another), on the other hand, is a monster who should have been convicted of MURDER not manslaughter and sentenced to LIFE with no chance of parole.

CC from Afrique de Sud

from now on and for the next 25 years, he will live the life he was so 'scared' of... being a 'fag' without having to choose...

that's if he makes it - prison has no mercy...

it's still sad how some people can be so petty. [...]
PEOPLE, live and let live...

btw, i'm a man who is attracted to some men (don't know what that makes me LOL) and i'm proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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