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28 August 2009



Rod, I don't think enough can be said for how much we appreciate the fine work you do on this blog. Thank you for keeping us updated on this tragic crime. This new information fleshes out what went on before the attack. Unlike someone who tried to call these people prostitutes who were showing everyone what gay people do behind closed doors, they were clearly harassed from the time they were in a store until the time they were attacked. My heart goes out to the surviving family and the stabbing victim. Please catch this piece of human trash that's not worth more than the dog crap on the bottom of my shoes.

U Street, where are you?


I have to agree with Ravenback. I don't comment on every story but I read them and I'm glad you make us aware of what's happening. Thank you sir!

Baltimore Femme

What Ravenback said.

I'm weighing in very late on this tonight. Just came back from having dinner with some wonderful people I met at the vigil. I would not have met them, or decided to drive down to the District, or check out THE if it wasn't for Rod 2.0.

I have so much respect for this blog, what you do and your writing. You strive for stories the other blogs don't cafe about. The writing is incredible and you "lead" rather than "follow"...and its not easy I am sure because 'we" know how "our" people can often be. And I have seen how some folks go there for no reason, if only because they don't like some model your post, or because you don't 'divabate'.

I was shocked when you posted the video. I knew Warrena, the girl interviewed. And I also met Nana Boo once or twice, about two years ago. A young thing, she was just leaning to navigate the streets. One of her friends was very tight with an T sistah and some queens I knew in DC. I spent a good two hours calling and texting folks. I had to go down there and see my girlfriends and make some new ones. I got back in touch with Warrena.

Thank you Rod. And thank you for believing in the "T" in LGBT. The stories are not popular here and many folks would probably want us to go away. Like this "U Street" homo, darling this is me, I am living for me! And trying to do my part to help younger T sistahs and gays! Now what have you done besides gone to some sex parties?

Rod Mc

@ Ravenback and FREELEO:

Thanks so much. You are both very supportive and valued members of the R20 family.

@ Baltimore:

Your note was so inspirational. That really means a lot. Stories like this are not sexy and do not drive traffic--but it's the right thing to do. The LGBT and black LGBT community are facing too many obstacles. We have to stand together. -RM

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