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14 August 2009



I'm not surprised because one you know how some idiots will act. However, I'm personally glad to hear this because I'm a fan of both and they put out some hot music. I would actually go see them if their tour comes to or close to Birmingham.


That Lady Gaga is a character but I admit its nice having someone so unabashedly Pro-Gay out there. True her adulation of "gay" only seems to encompass one type of gay men that being elaborate, musical, artistic, possibly flamboyant gay men. But its always good to stand up for something.

I'm a big fan of Beyonce but I doubt she'd ever utter those words. Even after working with Jonte and Jacquel Knight.


I am a little shocked that the two are touring together. I wouldn't think that their audiences have much overlap but what do I know! Good to hear that Gaga won't pull a Keri Hilson and try to "thug it up" for the audience.


Kanye should be very happy with the increased gay turnout. :)


Regarding the hiphop and "straight" blogs:
When they heard Beyondsay was doing a lesbian scene in a movie, they were happy. But when they heard Gaga's pro-gay words, they freaked out.
Not logical, but predictable.

Chitown Kev

MTO was WRONG for that pic but I have to admit that I laughed!


is the kanye pic at MTO reeal?




It's not real, D.


I just read a number of the comments on the hip hop blog, and though I was not surprised by some of the foolishness of the bloggers, I was surprised by the number of people who wrote about live and let live. Most were female, but there were some males also.

James M

Those bloggers are seriously messed up for some of the comments written. Just reading that shows how ignorant society is. Its just embarrassing....


Seahawk, that is one of the reasons why I don't care much for the opinions of most users of black entertainment blogs like MTO, Bossip, or Concrete Loop because they are bonafide morons. Most of them lack the taste or intelligence to know good music or talent when they hear or see it, but will eyes will glaze over like a crackhead over Beyawnce.

I just laugh at them because a number of them are pathetic.


Well wait a minute Kayman......

ConcreteLoop isn't HOMOPHOBIC at all not to me. I read them all the time. Now Bossip, and Media Take Out are idiots and if I'm not mistaken Bossip is WHITE RAN and a BLACK QUEEN mediates it. Just like DLISTED.

I wouidn't put them in the same room as ConcreteLoop. All Black Blogs are not homophobic.

And always keep in mind their audience that's who they please. Just our confederate sistas over @ Queerty!


don't know why people would act so suprized (on the other blogs that is)... for years The States has been at the forefront when it comes to capitalizing on the gay community...

lady G is no dummy - this will rack in the $$$$$ for sure.

btw, love her stuff... JUST DANCE, GONNA BE OK ;)


I love Kanye AND Lady Gaga! If the tour comes to my city I will be there in colorful sequins...haha.

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