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18 August 2009



This is powerful on so many levels. First, it speaks of a mother's ability to turn her anguish into action. Roxanne Greene should be held ip the way Judy Shepard is.

Second, her advocacy speaks to the lie that black people are all raging homophobes. We need to get out and support our allies, especially our black allies. There are plenty of them. They will speak up for us when we get behind them and appreciate them.

Third, it is high time we deal with transphobia both within and outside of the LGBT community. Too many of us are quick to call on gay bashing but do nothing where trans people are involved. Shame on us!!

Baltimore Femme

"Transgenders are human beings like anyone else. Who are we to say that people shouldn't be who they want to be? Parents need to realize you can't turn your kid away."

I really like what Mother Green is saying here. We are all part of the same family, we are all people, we are all supposed to black folks, but I know that kinship often stops with LGBTs.

My family rejected me years ago but came back to me. I am there for them and they are there for me!

Thank you Mrs Green for writing this powerful testimony. Thank you Essence for trying to reach out and broader your readers horizons. And as always thanks Rod,, for cover transgender folk. We ate catching hell in the black gay and LGBT community and are glad you report.


I am glad that Mrs. Greene is speaking out and not allowing the threats and intrusions into her family's life deter her. A lot of families would allow that to be the reason not to stand up for their own children. Be blessed Mrs. Greene.

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