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31 August 2009


CC d'Afrique du Sud

can't help but feel sorry for him, clearly does not have a conscience...

so the case is going to drag on and on? don't want to be him right now.


this story is just horrible

'it sickens me each time i hear about it


I get mad when I hear people say "well that gay kid shouldn't have hit on him" I am like yeah maybe not but then those little straight kids are lucky little girls don't come to school with guns or they'd all get shot up too. NOBODY should have died over this.

The kid who died clearly was acting out and should have been told to leave the other kid alone but he didn't seem to know better, the shooter has ruined his life and the lives of both families for a decision he made as a child and that is sad too really.

CC d'Afrique du Sud

something interesting to read...


i might get some flack for this one but hey, here goes. i think you can still look feminine without wearing a dress. non?



I agree with Jinca, this is Sad no matter how you look at it. Two young lives destroyed in different ways.

Wil Lavender

To me to plea not guilty is saying to me even though everyone saw me it wasn't me. Regardless if he was a object of a crush does not give him or anyone the right to do what he has done. It would not surprise me before this is all over his lawyers will try the insanity plea.

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