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24 August 2009


Chitown Kev

By the way, I am not saying, of course, that all churches (or even all black churches) are gay bashing churches. Honey, Miss Saved just set me off a bit!

Kevin Perez


Total fail. Your post is appaling itself. Great to see church queens like you telling us we need to be "delivered" and comparing us to those who murder, lie, steal, commit acts of adultery and etc.... I speak for myself when I say the likes of you and others who follow these type of religious institions can go to the straight pits of Hell. I'll glady see you there.

Leave it to Heterosexual Blacks and Latinos to always rationalize and justify homophobia and yapping about being delivered. I sincerly doubt that is what these women came for. Why do Heteros always give their 2 cents on gay issues but always ignore our own input?

Were are your comments about AIDs/HIV, LGBT of color being abused and killed, hate crimes? Looks like any mention of LAWD JESUS means LGBT need to be put in their place and be reminded about God, right?

Earl FF

ROFLOL @ "Saved, Black, & heterosexual"

Is that the name you use on all teh gay blogs? Oh and why are you on a BLACK gay blog, Mr or Miss Hetersosexual? smh

Chitown Kev

@Kevin Perez

I might be wrong, but I think Unique may have been referring to the article that Rod linked to (and the comments there ARE highly bigoted)

Chitown Kev


My apologies, I looked over the post and now I see where you are coming from in unique's post. There IS a mixed message there (both + and -) that seems all too common with folks that get their theologies confused.

Mel Smith

These heterosexual people are some of the most arrogant son-of-a-b!tch@s.

Rev. Whalum and his church members acted like first class fools towards those two women.

And this message is to all the SAVED HETEROSEXUAL VISITORS to this site: I and others really don't give a damn if you are heterosexual or not. We're concerned about how you justify prejudices against us in the name of God. There is nothing wrong with who we are. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU AND REV. WHALUM BECAUSE YOU ARE PREJUDICE BIGOTS!

So again, I don't think those women should have went inside your church, since most of you have hijacked God in the same manner white segregationists in the past had. I would not advise a black person to worship or visit some white churches in Mississippi either. Jews should not visit anti-Jewish churches either.

Deep down, you hate us, and you hide behind religion and God to justify your hate. You are no different than KKK members or people who use the Bible to justify prejudices against women. Guess what? Regardless what you and your Rev. believe, God does not have a problem with us being homosexual, or engaging ing homosexual sex. God does not have a problem with homosexuality, period.

Regardless what the "good Rev." taught you about us, you all are wrong, and should reevaluate the Bible again, because the Bible in its original language does not have a problem with homosexuality.


Ok fellow GLBT community please do not believe everything that you read in the newspapers....There are two sides to every story please believe me when I tell you this couple is full of it...While I have no personal dealings with Rev. Whalum I am dear friends with members of his church....Now in no way form or fashion am I for discrimation of any kind or taking sides on this matter.....But I have had dealings with Yas Meen (which by the way is not her real name only an alias)and she is a real butthole....I can believe from my personal dealings with her that she and her girlfriend reacted negatively when asked to leave...They were in a house of worship and they cannot disrupt service in the manner they did....When asked to leave for whatever reason they should have left quietly and from there notified the media of the event...I truly believe in my heart of hearts they went there looking for trouble...____ is an arrogant, selfish, young woman that does not understand the dynamics of life.....She thinks everything centers around her and if she does not get what she wants she goes crazy.....What is there to say about a woman’s character when you have a husband and child at home (that you home school)and you out flaunting a lesbian lifestyle that you are not totally true to (that is the reason for not showing your face on television)....Please wise up community and do not always jump to conclusions when we all live in glass houses and not one of us wants a stone thrown....Just a thought!
Here's a thoughtful: You're part of the "GLBT family" but are defending a gay-bashing pastor and congregation, spreading gossip and using phrases such as "flaunting a lesbian lifestyle"? Not very Christian and not something any self-respecting gay man or woman would do. -RM

Mel Smith

Flipp96, Why would your gay friends attend a church that does not think their sexuality is equal to heterosexual people? Rev. Whalum don't even believe that they should be protected from discrimination. Are your friends that brainwash and self-hating?

Kevin Perez

Flipp96, you're quite full of it.

It's evident that you're lying because people such such as yourself use the language that many of these Church queens use when attempting rationalize and justify this BS. It's rather pathetic and it downplays how oppressive Black heterosexuals and the general community can be.

There's never a question of the victim(s) in cases like these when it comes to race related crimes unless they're White (cuz they think Blacky makes it up). When we're dealing with LGBT folk, especially Black ones, it's the first thing in question: their victimhood. Or if they did anything to "provoke" them. How White of Black people.

When cops beat the living crap of Latino and Black youth, the first question many White folks ask is what did "THEY" do to "provoke" them, add that with questioning their victimhood. POC can scream about the evils of prejudice, discrimination, racism and the like but when its happening to LGBT OF COLOR, we're suppose accept it, be more understanding to these @$$holes who abuse and belittle us in the name of God, Allah and the Rastafari religion while proclaming how oppressive larger society is while getting away the half the crap White folks would be condemned for. Yeah, we're also not suppose to judge either.

You lost all credibility when you commented "lesbian lifestyle". That's a dead give away of a church queen.

Chris Cruz

@Byron, Unique, Lamar and Flipp:

Did your reverends send text messages to all their church choir queens, telling them to come here?

Your self hatred is even more pathetic than those gay bashers.

And Byron, you're suggesting "one" comment at the article is the truth? What about the dozens of antigay and hateful comments? Should we read those too more "information"?

Oh and Lamar and Flipp, only a wannabe deaconess church queen would turn on their own gay and lesbian brothas for your oppressors. "Just a thought!"

Chitown Kev


"Fellow GLBT community" my black a*s, even IF there is more to the story, all you need have done was to stick to the bare hearsay of this story but instead you spread innuendo, gossip, and nasty dirt.

But then again, that's how you nasty church queens act. You would do anything to defend your gay-bashing pastors and your homophobic fellow church members, without regard of what they call you to your face.

You church mos' are NO part of MY GLBT community.


@black, saved, heterosexual..true, its 2009, but times have NOT changed, B00! Not with black churches spewing homophobia. Not in 2009 where LGBT commmunity members are continuing to be harassed & MURDERED!(ROD, I Know its gotta be stressful to keep reporting these hate crimes) But hey, blk, svd,&hetero, its 2009, right!! Right. I believe in a personal relationship with GOD. Until i find a welcoming place of Worship, that's how its gonna be! I don't have for a preacher to tell me ,i'm going to hell when i know your 'T', no time for eye-rolling sistas worrying about how big my two studs in my ears are, no time for dl deacons& other male church members giving me the 'eye'. I gotta worry about SURVIVING in this HOMOPHOBIC world! Making sure no one takes me out, without a fight! To black, saved, heterosexual, CHILE BOO!!!!!!

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