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31 August 2009



wow. it makes you realize no matter how bad things may seem here, its much worst for us in africa. prayers.


Okay, I might get burned for this but...they didn't ask him what his sexuality was, they asked his gender. He could have said boy or girl. He said gay. Gay is not a gender.

The principal didn't say "You are a boy. You must wear pants." They asked what he preferred to be known as. I hope someone asks the principal what his response would have been if the young man said "girl."


Exactly, Osiris. You are so right. But, I can understand how at 18 he would the two words and their meanings confused.

Derrick from Philly

Interesting. I pray this transgender youth doesn't have to deal with overwelming oppression. When you have your mother on your side nothing can break your spirit. Unfortunately, violence is a major factor for many transfolk all over the world, and sometims, if it's severe enough, it can break you.

Also, many transgender folks call themselves "gay"--especially those who are not transsexual. Long before tradionally masculine acting gay men and traditionally feminine acting Lesbians began to be more visible, transgender folk were the only gay people who represented the gay sub culture(s). And Lord, we sure caught hell for it.

Derrick from Philly

" And Lord, we sure caught hell for it."

I meant that transgender folk caught hell for being openly transgender. There is no closet for many. Transfolk can't today in 2009, they couldn't hide in 1909, and so they are the most vulnerable.


I also think too (from what little reading I've done on gay Africa) that some do think that 'gay' is a kind of 'third sex', making the young person's response a bit more understandable.

And Rod you're dead on: not just in SA but elsewhere, legal protection is one thing, being safe in your person on the streets, in some neighborhoods is another...


"I also think too (from what little reading I've done on gay Africa) that some do think that 'gay' is a kind of 'third sex', making the young person's response a bit more understandable. "

Okay. If that's true, then I understand why the young person said gay. That's why informative blogs like this are important, so we can see other viewpoints. Without someone pointing this out, I would've just viewed this situation from an american stance.

CC d'Afrique du Sud

remember this kid is from a township (location in SA jargon) and have little or now access to LGBT communities, internet, periodicals, etc. he probably said he's gay cos he didn't identify with the trans label. gosh i remember when i was still in school. back then it was even more scary to be id as a free spirited person. i had no qualms with the grey school trousers but i never liked the white shirt and tie. for the record here in SA, private or public schools attire in school uniforms. where was i, oh, it sucked big time to where the oh-so-fimiliar mask, pretending to be 'noraml'. so i turned to my books, yes i was quite the over achiever and graduated/matriculated on top my class in 1999. Then i turned 18 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! short lived though....

...the workplace is just a grown up school...

for instance yesterday: we have casual day coming up on the 4th of Sept. that's Friday. in support of people with disabilites, organisations sell stickers for ten rand (R10). so off i go to the lady in charge, we'll call her The Cow for now, you know to purchase a sticker for me and my close friend at work. Ag she's a real 'friend of Dorothy' and probably the only one who really gets me. damn. i'm going off point once again, je suis desole or is it pardon(e);) [i'm in my 2nd week of learning French so i'm not quite sure which expression is correct]

anyways, she (the cow) looks at me and tells me to refer to the circulated brief, especially the section expressing that we are allowed to dress differently, pref sporty. and i'm like what? i know that, i can read, in almost 4 languages (as soon as the French kicks in). see the thing is she is one of the ignorant ones that sneers at my dress code (was a BIG issue last year, more on that some other time). nothing provocative, just stylish men's fashion. my own style. presentable. she probably thinks i'll don a dress come Friday LOL. i'm sure i'll rock a dress better (yes i have an EGO, kudos beyOnce). sadly i don't own a single dress...

my point is: there i was very excited to make my contribution to our physically handicapped, which i'm very passionate about btw, and all she could utter was sarcastic bullsh*t, then again she is a cow. there are really more pertinent matters flying around nowadays (recession, unemployment, the works) and there she was taking another swing at me, not that i'm not use to it by now. that's what people like her don't get - we just don't give a f&*^k about remarks, it's like water off a duck.

ok, quite a mouthfull, i gotta cool off now.

A tout a l'heure!

CC d'Afrique du Sud

where equals wear... dyslexia still not all gone. not bad for a kid who 'cured' himself dont you say LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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