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26 August 2009



You know Rod this is getting real scary.

There was another town hall in AZ I believe Tempe which is right outside PHX and the guy stood up and said something to the effect like "I want to go to DC with my gun and shoot and I need alot of you to go with me" And the congressman allegedly said that he was okay with it and GOD BLESS HIM????

Are these people are really NUTS?

As for The Constitution Obama is governing in compliance with it.

But we also must remind ourselves that this was a document written by White Men for White Men. They did not picture The America we see today coming.

All I can say is I wish they cut it with this nonsense. They're not going to be satisfied until a RACE WAR breaks out and by then it will be all too late!!!



This is literally insane. These people had not prob with BushCheney in Iraq, torture and the patriot act. Now they are talking about the constitution? wtf?


All these guys (and gals) need to do when a constituent makes a specious claim like the one above is ask, "What do you mean by that?" "What part is unconstitutional?" "What evidence of this are you referring to?"
They don't have to grudgingly correct them, or call them dining room tables or any of that. Just let them elaborate and either prove their point or make fools of themselve.


First of all, these people need to actually read the Constitution. When these people say things about wanting their country back, return to the country back to what the founding fathers had intended, and something being unconstitutional, they actually mean that they hate a black man being President and they don't want him to make decisions for this country.

You are so right Rod. They didn't make a peep when Bush was ruining this country with his record deficit spending, warrantless surveillance, use of torture, unjustified invasion of Iraq, poorly executed war in Afghanistan, and intentionally lying to the American people to justify it all.

But I pray I live to see the day when there are more "minorities" than whites in this country. I want to see their faces when they realize that it's no longer just about them. Already, the election of Barack Obama has shown them what can happen even if only 43% of whites voted for him.


What is especially hypocritical of these people is every last one of those seniors is on a government health care program called Medicare. Hell, most of them probably rode there on their electric scooters paid for by Uncle Sam.

So its only socialized medicine if it is for OTHER people, right?


@ Matt

You're right. And if we go back to the founding fathers, there would be no Medicare or Social Security.


The growing American Militia movement, armed to the teeth, despite its diversity is unified about its defense of a document that defines Africans to be 3/5ths human in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution. Even though the 3/5ths law was virtually nullified by the 14th Amendment, it is still a part of our current Constitution. I am wary of Constitution Literalists and Defenders, just as I am wary of Bible literalists and defenders; often the 2 are the same thing. Add guns to the mix, with different parts antisemitism, Islamophobia, white supremacy, Fox News, heterosexism, xenophobia, anti-egalitarianism, patriarchy (anti-Choice), Fundamentalism, Birthers, Deathers and Patriotism-- and I'm afraid we're probably going to see some sort of violent Right Wing event or explosion in the near future; the past violence (George Tiller, Holocaust Museum, Timothy McViegh) was just a symptom of what's to come.

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