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31 August 2009


Deron Xavier

can't say i'm surprised. look at that hand on the hip lol


This is FABULOUS. Rogers has a great record outing these lying hypocrites that screw over our ow community. Good for him.And if I had to choose, I'd rather keep Sanford in office, he was irresponsible but at least admitted what he did. This Bauer queen is a low life piece of work.


That queen has major gay face.


Deron Xavier, I was going to say the same thing about his hand on his hip. Rod, that was a great picture you showed of him. His outing was bound to happen sooner or later. These people should know that once you interact with someone of the same sex in a sexual manner, your secret is out. They think they can get away with it, but you can't run from yourself. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I'm going to enjoy seeing the grits hit the fan. They are so messy to clean up when that happens.


Another one bites the dust...... or should I say the Glitter! I'm always amused to see these Conservative Right Wing nuts fall from Grace. It only further demonstrates the blatant Hypocrisy of the Republican Party. They just continue to implode! I say KEEP IT UP!!

J Boss

Bravo Mike Rogers!

D. Askew

i saw outrage and really admire the work rodgers is doing. these men are going out of their way to hurt us and take away our rights...just like the many black gay men who are active in black gay churches, or the DL pastors who gay bash from the pulpit and then go work trade after dark.

DW Jazzlover

Thank goodness and yes he does have major Gay Face.

DW Jazzlover

It will also be very interesting to see how he handles this public outing!!I will be following this one..closely


I think he bears an uncanny resemblance to Rex Reed from the 70s and 80s

Anthony in Nashville

Rod, your photo selections are classic!

Some people don't like Mike Rogers and outing in general, but I applaud individuals who expose the hypocrisy of homophobes.

I have always thought that being too vocal about your disdain for gays is a red flag, because they are caring too much. Most straight folks aren't thinking about us like that.


Geeze why can't black gay men be active in black gay churches? Everybody's got a problem with every little thing.


@ drsnacks

No. Everybody doesn't have a problem with everything. It's just that some black gay men refuse to bury their heads in the sand. If you can't understand the hypocrisy of a gay man belonging to a church that openly bashes homosexuality and then they refuse to speak out against such bashings, then you are truly lost. I'm not going to waste any more of my time trying to explain it to you. More power to you brotha.

Kathleen Imber

It's always the closet cases that are the worst. And yes, he couldn't look any more gay, with that hand on his hip like that. Who the hell is he trying to kid???!! You can see right through it.


@ Kathleen: You'd better preach! That is the truth. The closet cases are the worst enemies of this community.

@ Dr. Snacks: Defensive much? Given this topic, and the last part of D. Askew's comment, it was very clear he was talking about black gay men who are involved and active in "gay-bashing" churches. As Ravenback said, if you are gay and attending these bible thuimping, anti-gay churches ... 'cuz the CHOIR IS SOOOO FIERCE .. then the blood is on your hands.

My "brotha"


Wow, hadn't heard this before, but, then again I hadn't heard about Graham either, thanks for the heads up on these self hating, gay bashing for their own good churls.


Dear Madam, I believe your attempts to defame Governor Bauer are mean-spirited and wrongheaded. There are many of us in the Christian world who are willing to forgive a mistake or two. Today there is a concerted effort to reclaim Bauer as a good Heterosexual and Christian. Have you even read Stephenson Billings's fascinating essay on the subject?



Bernice, SIT DOWN!

I have to admit it is amusing seeing him go above and beyond to proclaim being "not a homosexual". So that means he is obviously bisexual.

I'm waiting for Alabama's bigoted Attorney General Troy King to get outed as well so bring on the entertainment.

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