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03 August 2009



This Campos dude is beginning to sound more like some little gang banger who got into the military because they've had to lower their recruitment standards in order to meet enlistment quotas.

The irony of course is that because of DADT, the military has released thousands of highly qualified men and women from service.

Do the powers that be think any of this through before they make these rules?

Anthony in Nashville

Pardon me for thinking the military is not going to do an in depth investigation. With the primary players dead, providing an opportunity to get this story out of the spotlight, why would they bother?

Unless a (gay) soldier steps up, we'll probably never know what was really going on. What makes it so sad is that it's very likely someone on the base knew the tea on both of them and they are staying silent.

Carter G

>>>Will we ever learn what really happened that night at Guard Shack 3 at Camp Pendleton?<<<

No, I don't think we we ever will. The Navy has not been honest or direct in this investigation, It is in their best interests to cover up a hate crime or anything to do with sexual orientation.


How awful that there might not be any real justice for this man. Its disgusting.......

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