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01 August 2009


john lord

thanks for update.


Could this be a cover up by the Navy?


This is inexplicably frustrating to me on so many levels...


sounds to me like he was a homicidal, self hating, shame filled homosexual, who didn't want to live to see the details of his life put on display for the world to see.

i still hope all of the details of this murder come to light but at least we won't have to pay for this murderer to be housed for the rest of his life.


I have two thoughts on this development. First, we don't have to worry about the outcome of a trial. There were so many ways this could have ended, and some of those ways weren't pretty. And second, I'm afraid the investigation may come to an end now. We will probably never learn what really occurred that night and about all the events that led up to Provost's murder. One thing is certain to me, the Navy is probably the happiest of all because they will not have to deal with the gay aspects of this murder. How convenient?!!


err, am i the only one kinda suspicious of this new development?
what if Jonathan Campos really isn't dead?

Ok maybe i'm far-fetching, but can u blame me?I wouldn't put it past all these bigots doing anything to let murderers get away with killing another gay.


@ Soulkid

I don't question if Campos is really dead. An autopsy has to be performed, and I'm sure his body will be released to his family. Even though, I'm inclined to believe he committed suicide, in the back of my mind rests the possibility that he was either killed or more likely he was allowed to commit suicide by not putting him on a suicide watch. Who knows what really happened? But at least he won't be troubling anyone anymore.


i haven't seen any pictures of jonathan campos. i'm very curious to see what he looks like.


It’s tragic on so many levels that it’s challenging to know where to start on this subject matter but guaranteed there is a pathology going on within our community concerning homophobia that is killing us on so many levels.

We have so many obstacles ahead of us as black people that continued self-destructive (i.e., black on black murders, AIDS, health and educational disparities and prison industrial complex, a more nuanced and educated understanding of Christianity and Muslin faiths) and self-implosion is inevitable.


Like someone above said, why aren't there any pics of Campos shown? They got Provost's pics plastered everywhere.

Maybe someone would recognize Campos (by the pic, since fake names abound in Gay life), and
could offer clues, etc., as to his character, state-of-mind,
or s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g.

I would not be a bit surprised if the Navy WAS involved in this "suicide". They would do most anything to cover sh_t up, and to make themselves look in the best light possible.


Asphyxiation? That could mean he hung himself, suffocated himself or else someone did the act for him...so it just goes away, at least for the military. I don't doubt that he is dead, I wonder why he died...or who killed him and why? Too many unanswered questions and even with the murder of Seaman August Provost...if it were that he was killed because he was Black, wouldn't the military have gotten down to the bottom of this a lot sooner than this case---in which they believe that he was murdered because he was gay??? Us double identity folks e.g. black/gay, latino/gay etc. have a crazy winding road in front of us and it can seem like it's filled with bigots on all sides that hate because of our skin or who we rub skin-to-skin with...

Honut SInti

Strange and yet a convenient development. Nevertheless, I am sure when Campos' soul reaches its final destination, it will be greeted with "Welcome to Hell. I hope you enjoy our gated community."


well Brazil said boxer Arturo Gatti "committed suicide" and now those results are being challenged. I dont know about this.

Cre8tive Hustler

I just don't understand how someone can do harm to another person like this for no other reason than them being different. I guess if they are crazy it can explain a lot...This world...


Since it is obvious it never occured to the Navy that it might be a good idea to have a video camera and another armed guard in the shack that was on the road that led to assault craft why should it be hard to believe they never figured out that a man with an obvious trouble past would figure out how to use toilet paper to stop his airflow?

Here is something to think about: if terrorist could learn to fly a plane and crash it into an occupied building what would they do with assault craft that are clearly poorly guarded and so close to a heavily populated city?

I do see why the Navy does not want many of the details of this case to come to light.


@ Gurlene

Obvious answer is that the Navy didn't care if Campos committed suicide. So why would they observe him for his own safety?

B Light

You can't asphyxiate yourself unless you hang yourself. The survival reflexes kick in if you try to suffocate yourself. In the news it says they found him 'unresponsive in his cell' with no mention of hanging. That sounds to me like foul play. Of course the navy would want to cover this up. Don't ask don't tell and kill if the truth that there are gay officers is about to come out! This story is just so messed up on so many levels.


I only know about this story from the internet. I am a 46 year old gay white guy who really follows the news. Can someone tell me if this has been reported on, any where? Its really disgusting that such a horrible story is totally ignored because it has elements of gayness, color, and "don't ask, don't tell" involved.

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