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20 August 2009


Nathan James

This is a sad story, but nothing new. Even as we imagine in 2009, that these must be isolated incidents, the ugly truth is, they're not. I can say from my own experience working at a local university, some of the most bigoted and homohobic people I've ever met, all had advanced degrees. That's right, professors, who should know better.

Discrimination against, persecution, and abuse of gays and lesbians in the workplace (and employment, for that matter) is still rampant and widespread. SMH!


A story like this one is just one of the few that reached the level of people's consciousness.

Discrimination is an ever-present background to your life. You probably don't even recognize it as discrimination, since you've lived with it your entire life. But if it were removed, your life would be very different.


Can't get ENDA passed and signed into law fast enough.


@ Nathan,

You are telling the truth! As a faculty member at a major university, I cannot describe how racist the environment can be in some units/departments. But then again, these are people who have been educated in overwhelmingly white environments and have had (very) little interaction with black people.


Most definitely another case of why ENDA is needed.

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