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28 August 2009



That's why we need laws on the books that make discrimination against gays illegal. No people should be subjected to the whims of those in power. One day we'll grant you the right to marry, and next year we'll take it away from you. These bigoted bastards can say whatever they want as long as they can't influence policy and laws. When public accommodation laws came into effect, the white store owner may not have wanted to serve blacks, but they had no choice in the matter. The same concept should apply to LGBT folks as well. Get it done!!!


Hmmm...the governor is right, we should just depend on the kindness of strangers to protect us from being fired. In fact, why don't we eliminate the whole protection for your religion thing- all over America. I mean, it's not like many people, especially the Christian Right think the Mormons are a cult? And, if they did, I'm sure we could depend on them to do the right and not fire them from their jobs. This is not a good week, I'm really just hating these people.


@ mjolnir202

You and me both. With all the racist-inspired attacks against President Obama, the ignorance of the anti-HCR forces, guns on display at rallies, the GOP looking for the next "Great White Hope", and ministers praying for the death of the President, gay bashings every week or so, I hate to see and hear the next idiocy to spew from someone's mouth and evil actions leap out from someone's fingertips. We must be in the Twilight Zone. Scratch that. We are seeing America in the mirror and it isn't pretty.


Discriminating against mormons shouldn't be illegal, either. In fact, it's already happening everywhere in the world except Utah, where mormons seems to exist in a creepy, mormon-bubble of self-deception.


Well, that just reconfirms why I wouldn't ever live in Utah, and I live in another red state, but at least we have more diversity compared to Utah. Yeah, there needs to be federal hate crimes laws including sexuality and gender identity along with ENDA.

Salt Lake City tries to be as progressive as possible along with Park City, but that state both cities reside in is horrible when it comes to blacks and other non-white minorities and GLBTs.


This is yet another reason why queers should boycott Utah.

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