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08 August 2009



oh god. please don't let those fools out of prison. there are already enough thugs and gang bangers roaming the streets here in los angeles.


The special election for the California 10th congressional district is on September 1. I will definitely be voting for Anthony Woods. I just hope that Garamendi doesn't win out over him because he has a greater name recognition than Woods.

Anthony in Nashville

A few thoughts:

I have been paying attention to the California budget crisis with a great deal of interest because I think other states will eventually experience what they are going through.

CA is paying the price for years of making demands without having a real way to pay for them. Now they are making choices between prisons, education, and services. The other day the LA Times said some school districts wouldn't be getting new books until 2016! I believe a significant percentage of people in prison are there for nonviolent offenses like drug possession, so I'm not sure it's a risk to let them out early.

They are probably learning how to be a better criminal and addict in jail anyway. I volunteer in a prison and it's not like there is a lot of emphasis on rehabilitation.

The HIV cuts are a good opportunity for activism and I think it'll be interesting to see if the impending loss of coverage and services affects how much time and money people devote to overturning Prop 8.

As far as Anthony Woods, he's a model for everybody, not just the youth! Gay people in general don't know the history and contributions gays have made to the world with the possible exception of entertainment. Sadly, I know black gays in their 50s who have no clue who Bayard Rustin was. I don't know if anyone has published a book of black gay history but I would surely buy it!

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