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10 August 2009



Something told me it wouldn't be long before somebody went into that "dating whites" issue. SMH

This Blog will erupt in 5...4...3...2...

Chitown Kev


lol- Well, what say you on all of this?


Luther do you have any links for this?
"I've seen you trying to teach tolerance on a couple of gay blog's that make a meeting of klansmen seem tame whenever a black face shows up,"
or this "And after the Prop 8 debacle and all the racial slurs spewed in front of TV camera and online and still going full steam on almost all non-black gay owned blogs," Almost all non black gay owned blogs? Thats a lot of blogs there. What do you mean "almost all"? Could you maybe give a percentage figure? Bear in mind that there are millions of blogs, and it is a safe bet that ten percent are gay owned. Do you have the time to read all these blogs?


Piers, I think you left you pointy white hood and white robe at one of those PNP sex parties you discuss at your ummm "blog".

Thanks for educating us colored folk about racism and white privilege, though!

Chitown Kev


oh, let's just say the major gay blogs. queerty (PUMA Central Headquarters), towleroad, and joe.my.god, shall we? Even though Joe Jervis doesn't have a tolerance for that stuff on his blog too much, towleroad just really posts the news, and queerty...well...


Rod: Let me cosign Ravenback and thank you being "you" and reaching out to young Kevin. This sounds like a very intelligent young man but in much pain. That was me for many years before I learned to love "me, myself and I". Your blog has helped many young black and Latino gay men get to that level. Please talk to Rod, Kevin, we are all concerned.

D: Why does someone always come on this blog to play their tired "blacker than thou" cards? No one is getting their "swirl" om here. Chad White hasn't been on this blog since (according to archive) February 2008 and Cristiano Ronaldo has been in only three or four posts. But even if there were more, so the eff what, both Chad and Cristiano are FINE!

As far as some other black gay activists, who cares? They are sticking their necks out for you and can love who they want to love. What the freak are you doing besides going to the punk bar every Saturday and the homo hating church all day Sunday?


Oh and Piers: White privilege much?

Love the fact you parachute into this blog and have no comment on what Doug Spearman says, but are demanding "links" and "proof" of any gay racism.

What did Rod say earlier? Isn't it time to punch in at the Piggly Wiggly?

Chitown Kev

Rod, thank you for helping Kevin Perez and Kevin...godspeed to you.

I think it was in the 1st Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass where Douglass said that when he learned to read, he became a sadder person because he could no longer deny the awareness of his situation. That awareness spurred Douglass on to freedom and to helping others.

In a way, I think Rod 2.0 has done the same thing for Kevin P., as it is probably doing for many others. Unawareness and denial of one's circumstances is easy. Being honest and aware of one's painful circumstances can be so difficult that many choose to escape in some way, shape, or form. Granted, our path is nowhere near as serious as that of Douglass but Douglass' courage is an example for all of us. May of us have had those journeys from blissful unawareness to self-realiziation; many of us are still going through that process. But we can get there.

Take care, Kevin P.

DW Jazzlover

@ Kevin Perez
Baby Boy you are in some serious pain! There are many of out here that really know how you feel, and it seems most of the Brothers in this comment section are with you.
I am sure any of us would be here for you to talk to if that is what you want.
You are not alone.



I think Doug raises a lot of good issues. As much as we would like to draw similarities between race and sexual orientation, the experiences are different for a number of reasons. These differences cannot be ignored.

I think that many blacks feel that they "own" civil rights and just see gays as a group of (mostly) white folks trying to co-opt their struggle. Part of the problem is that there are few blacks involved, and those that are tend to be very...white identified. Not all, but many. (As an aside it does not help when we have black gay activist like Jasmyne who dismiss gay rights causes and don't call blacks on their homophobia). Add in the church and the hegemonic masculinity of the black community (where, despite the absence of men from our homes we excuse any behavior from them), and you have a recipe for not only homophobia, but a deep offense and resentment of gays. We need to talk about that.

Gays see their issues as part of the same struggle, but their own rhetoric shows that they seriously misunderstand the deep scars of racism. They really don't get what the back of the bus is, what it really meant (and means) to people. Every time I tried to get them to understand that their comparisons made things worse they just ignored me. Add to this the sexual exploitation of black bodies by gays and the fact that many (not all or even a majority) of the black gay men who play in white gay circles have very negative opinions of black people (including black gay people) and their warped views of blacks are never challenged. For this reason, I do not socialize with white gay men-- I can't stomach them (or many of the black gay men they hang around). I have no hang ups on interracial dating, but it's not for me.

As you can see, this is a difficult thing. It cones from both sides, and we have to talk about this. This is why I loved Doug's essay. I think that as a gay community we are drifting further apart, and we have to come back together.



Do I know what I am talking about? Yes, my own personal experience and what I have seen and heard in my life. That is all I am basing my comments on. I feel no need to try to prove you wrong as I do not wholly disagree with you. Yes,racism goes both ways. However,in my experience, the situation is much more complicated than whites rejecting SGL's. I have experienced just as much rejection from str8 blacks than I have from whites. And the rejection from my own has been more hateful. That is just how things turned out for me. I am not really sure if you can speak on my experience. Just your own.

Chitown Kev

@Kevin Perez


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