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17 August 2009



I don't think she is a lesbian, since there are many millions of women who just don't have a sex drive and actually are devoted to their jobs and just don't care about a relationship. Con-do-lee-za? Well, don't know about her, but, someone said she does own her house in Palo Alto with a woman, which is odd as she makes more than enough money to have bought a place by herself, and, its not as if she is getting a good tax exemption by buying it with someone else since being gay, not able to marry or have the fed's accept the marriage if it is allowed in a state for tax purposes.


Whatever I think they're both lesbians and should just come out with it. I still didn't hear "I'm not a lesbian" and the interviewer was wrong for bringing up a previous denial which informed the question and created an escape route


How many other cabinet secretaries have been asked directly about their sexuality? Certainly there were rumors about Condoleeza Rice, but I don't recall her ever being asked directly by the media. I think it was unprofessional for Soloman to ask that question. What does it have to do with her job responsibilities or the safety of this country from terrorist attacks or other disasters? She's not an entertainer who makes a living off of perpetuating a certain sexual image. She answered the question years ago, so just let it go.


I really liked her answers. Very "get outta my face", but in a professional manner:-)


If she isn't advocating anything against the GLBTs then there is no purpose of this line of questioning. I know of quite a few women with zero sex drives as well and they are sometimes married, so it is what it is.

Mad Professah

The point of bringing up the prvious denial was to give her asecond opportunity to deny it again, as a cabinet officer.

I notice that she neglected to do so.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might just be a dyke!


I'm very sorry. I think that was RUDE!!!!!
I could care less if she is! Allow her to do her job!

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