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12 August 2009


Shane Moseley

Love these photos.

I'm so proud of all of them ... Billie Jean King, Sidney Poitier, Sen. Kennedy, Rev Lowery and Harvey Milk. Too bad he couldn't be here to accept it.

Chitown Kev

All of the participants are, of course, well deserving of this honor.

I do wish that there was a photo and even a video of Desmond Tutu's remarks, though.

Not only was he a tireless anti-apartheid advocate in South Africa, but he has also been a tireless supported of LGBT rights throughout the world and especially on the African continent.

I know Rod has some Desmond Tutu archives and, in fact, I am going to read them as all of us should.

And yes Shane, too bad Harvey couldn't be here to accept this award.


A humorous side note to this story. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was one of the recipients of the Medal of Freedom. As you know, he suffers from a neuro muscular dystrophy that has left him almost completely paralyzed. Well, the Investors Business Daily tried to use his condition as a reason to oppose health care reform. They said that if it was left up to a British style government funded health care system where everyone is guaranteed treatment, Hawking would have been denied treatment because of the cost factor versus his potential value to society. However, they totally neglected the fact that Hawking is British, and he was born and raised in Britain under their healthcare system. I guess they judged his nationality based on the synthesized voice he uses which doesn't have a British accent. He later reminded people that he's British and said that without the British healthcare, he might not be where he is today. I thought it was funny how it blew up in the health care reform critics' faces. Shows their mentality, or lack thereof.


Thanks, Rod, for this posting.

Thanks, Ravenback, for your great anecdote.


It was so nice to see BJK get her medal as I just love this woman, along with Rev Lowery and that Native American guy in full regalia bought a tear to my eyes.

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