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06 August 2009



This is a freakin' shame

Derrick from Philly

Well, I guess the Republicans are having as much trouble dealing with the outcome of the 2008 election as many Democrats had with the 2000 election. Tough sh_t, deal with it, red-neck fascists.


I agree with the "deal with it" comment Derrick, I mean be a man or woman and adult and move on...life is a string of situations that we might have to deal with and keep steppin.

However, the Democrats in the 2000 election feeling disenfranchised about votes in mostly black counties (Broward - Fort Lauderdale & Dade - Miami) being thrown out when you had an election as close as the numbers were between Gore & Bush. Versus some ignorant and openly racist loosers not willing to accept an election they knew they were gonna loose from the beginning and plenty of numbers & data to proof the outcome are way two different scenarios.


I'm not surprised by the GOP. However, I do find it sad that since President Obama was elected, the amount of hateful language used by the anti-Obama forces has soared to new heights of disgust. People like to talk about how America has shed its racist past through the election of Barack Obama as President. But when you look at the actual voting statistics, it says something quite different. Only 43% of whites voted for President Obama. Also, virtually all of the increases in voter turnout was due to blacks and Hispanics increasing their participation in the voting process. Black women had the highest voter turnout and young blacks had a higher turnout that young whites. Just think about that for a second. Almost 57% of whites voted for a ticket that included the jokester Sarah Palin.

So when only 42% of Republicans believe that President Obama is an American citizen, are we really that surprised? Combine that with people calling him Hitler, a Nazi, a communist, fascist, socialist, unqualified, and the Anti-Christ, and you have a group of people who flew over the cuckoo's nest and should be returned. And the funniest of them all is the reaction to President Obama rightfully saying the Cambridge police acted stupidly for arresting Dr. Henry Gates. His rabid critics accused him of having a deep-seated hatred of white people. Of course, they ignored the fact that he was raised by his white mother and white grandparents in a very non-black environment. And not to mention his education in predominantly white schools.

President Obama's election has brought out and exposed the worst of the deep-seated racism in America. He faces 30 death threats a month. Threats against his life have increased 400% over the number of threats against Bush. Hate radio has done its best to discredit Obama as some non-American Hitler-like dictator, and the death threats are a culmination of those efforts. This is still the face of America, and its very ugly.


Rod: Okay we get it! We understand you do not like Republicans or conservative! Is there any good news you will report Republicans or will you continue with the usual liberal "trash the GOP' at every opportunity?

This blog and the other big gay blogs constantly shill for Democrats. Let me see your precious Obama and the Democratic Party push for marriage equality!

And shouldn't you report on the diversity of views within the gay Black community? I am tired of the Republican bashing on this blog.

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