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28 August 2009



Im glad to see Sheree and Kandi supporting this cause.

That being said ... Where was Ms. NeNe Leaks who calls herself a "gay magnet"?

Are we good enough for shopping and picking out fabrics but not marriage? And please explain this to all the young black gay guys who idolize this show. But I don't they would care either way.

Former COGIC

I'm not a fan of this show at all. And will withhold my thoughts about Nene not being there and Kim going into "diva" mode at major equality benefit. BUT I am very very pleased to see these women lend their celebrity for a cause. Hopefully this will be on the show.

And also let me commend Darian Aaron for doing interviews and being on the scene. He works very hard and does'nt get enough props. I like the fact Rod isnt selfish and gives Darian shine. = Most GBMs Darian's age could care less about marriage equality or any gay rights. Bravo!

Sasha Not So Fierce

i am a sheree fan! she has a beautiful spirit and big heart. she supports gay marriage and did this on her own time. her complexion is flawless and she she may not be a "gay magnet" but she showed up to support gay marriage. BOOM!

Sasha Not So Fierce

thank you sheree! thank you kandi! thank you kim (even though you were shady, you are helping marriage for all of us!) thank you lisa we know you wanted to but couldn't make it! thank you darian and thanks so much to mr. bouska!

now who did i leave out?
any gay "magnets"? any fag hags who are married but really don't support gay rights for their gay sidekicks?

Carter G

I'm not going to immerse myself in who wasn't there. I'm going to concentrate on who is supporting gay marriage and rights for all of us.

For that I am very thankful to the cast members who DID come out. And of course to Adam Bouska's fine work and Darian's blogging and activism. Hopefully this will make next season's show, I am assuming this season is already in the can.

But I will add that actions speak louder than words. And we see who are. But as Faison mentioned, that will probably be lost on the many young gay black men who worship these women. smh

Kevin Perez

Hey, support is support. I don't care for the show either but the LGBT community (in general) could use as many allies as it can.

And be honest, they're doing much more than the church queens, the "I like to stick it in the butt but that doesn't make me ghey!" Black men, and those who like to party and sex but nothing beyond that. Would be great to see some fems in drag loud and proud. Wish I had that courage.

They're usually the ones in the battlefield while butch queens wish to "integrate" to "straight" culture.


I'm also not a fan of the show but know it's very popular. As Kevin said, we need all the allies we can get! Their support can help change a few minds especially ddown south! Thank you ladies!


I watch this show and I LOVE SHEREE and NENE! Sheree was at this event and is showing her support. As long as Nene is NOT saying derogatory things about Gays, then no one should have anything negative to say. Maybe she will catch the next event.

Anyway, I love when Sheree got into it with that crazy event planner on the show, LOL!!

"Who Gon' Check Me Boo!!"


I love how some members will throw shade at some people, but doesn't even know why they weren't there. LOL


@ Kayman and Cajiva:

No, no, no. I'm not taking it back and have nothing to apologize for. I only watch this show here and there and am not a stan of any of these women. But Nene has this great big following of gays. Because she is loud and outrageous and a lot of gay men love being the sassy sidekicks, like Dwight, her personal shopping queen.

So Miss Leaks loves the gays so much but couldn't take two hours away from shopping to lend her face to marriage equality? If we are so important to Miss Leaks she could make the time. She makes time to get her nails done.

Oh and I love how black gay folks now use church phrases like "judge". Cajiva, you make judgments every day. So do I. For gay people to use that word is just azzbackwards. They are sure judging us.



Real Housewives of Atlanta?? On Rod 2.0?? ReaLLY?

Do they even talk about "gays" or marriage in those "interviews"? RealLY?

Did Darian ask about marriage or Prop 8? Or did he want to dish the "drama"? REALLY!

NeNe calls Kandi "ghetto"?? But who showed up to help fight for OUR rights? REALLY??!!

Perfect ZEROS to the House of Leaks! BAM!

College Park

Newsflash...Nene most certainly does NOT support gay marriage. I doubt she supports most gay rights. I have spent several hours with her, Dwight (who dont care about gay rights either) and a mutual friend and their conversation is just like on the show. Dwight sez he doesnt feel like he has to be a role model for black gay men. "As long as I get mine, chile!" he says.


Now, if anyone knows the "divo" Miss Dwight tell me I am wrong. I am not.

D. Askew

Doesn't matter to me one bit who was not there. It matters who was there and we all the bodies we can enlist in this fight. Thanks to Sheree, Kandi, Kim and the fabulous Rasheeda!

I am sure Nenee wanted to make it and can make the next NoH8 event. No worries.

And a huge thank you to Darian! You are an inspiration to many young gay brothas across the country. Do you! Continue to seek greatness! And continue to inspire!


wow...people either love or hate these housewives.i for one am glad that anyone comes out to help fight for this. thank you ladies!

good job darian and congratulations on getting the interviews and being invited. you're a star !


Nene should have been there. She was on the front of David Atlanta magazine a couple of weeks ago, and she stopped at Outwrite for her book signing. I guess you gotta offer her the cash (like buying her book) for her to show up.

But good for Kandi and Sheree.


No one has anyway of knowing why Nene wasn't there! Why are some of you attacking her and she has done nothing to DEFAME Gay men and women. In just the last episode she was making friends with a white Gay man. If she doesn't support Gay people why would she set Dwight up on blind dates with other men. How do you know she was shopping during the event? What if she wasn't even invited to participate in the event? Its this type of attitude that keeps people from supporting Gays! A lot of Gay people feel someone owes them something and that is NOT TRUE! Yes Gays have struggles, but that doesn't give you the right to go around acting so arrogant towards people you don't even know. If Nene comes out say she doesn't support Gay marriage then I will come back and apologize, but there is NO indication that is how she feels.

This attack on Nene is uncalled for and totally unprovoked!


"Its this type of attitude that keeps people from supporting Gays! A lot of Gay people feel someone owes them something and that is NOT TRUE! Yes Gays have struggles, but that doesn't give you the right to go around acting so arrogant towards people you don't even know."

WOW. Isis all this time I thought you were one of us or an ally. I guess you thought told us, boo. I have NOTHING to apologize for. Nene is not reading this blog and if her support of LGBTs depends upon flatterring comments... thats not support, is it?

I have whatever opinions I want just like you do. And I'm so sick of black straight and their token gay friends talking about judging. What was that statement you just made, boo?

I have no idea who these people are from watching a so called 'reality' television show that is clearly scripted. And they are PAID to appear. Does Nene set Byron up on a date? Or do the producers? And isnt that typical...some gay sidekick needs a woman to find them a date? That was on Will & Grace how many times?

Isis I am very surprised at you. Do gays just have to be nice to straights, talk to str8 boyz about sports and flatter straight women all the time? Will that encourage the church men and women to stop bashing us?


Oh and one more thing...

The RHOA features women sleeping around, fights on the screen (REUNION show), pulling wigs, multiple babies daddies, Nene calling women hoez and bytches, queens prancing across the screen in full MAC makeup... and all of them looking down on people who have less money ... and black gay men are supposed to be "grateful" and plead for ONE of them to support equal rights for their designers, hairstylists, makeup artists and gay entourage?

Maybe that is how black str8 people feel, that we should be grateful for whatever we can get. And many of us black gay men act like that too and love be the go-to gay for black women. Not me.

I applaud Adam Bouska for his incredible work to help repeal Prop 8. Congratulations to Darian for the interviews, and to the real "gay magnets" ... Sheree, Kandi and Kim.


I love all these women, from Nene's in your face realness to Lisa Hartwell's laid back style. Charity is from the heart and Nene is very active with her battered women's foundation. Thank you for being an inspiration to them! Her story made me cry because I am gay and I was battered by my lover. I wish someone had been there for me.

Darian, you have done a very good job at your site with these interviews. I think sometimes some of us focus on what isnt there. These busy people, all of them, donated their time and names and faces to support gay rights and marriage. Bless all of their hearts. Adam, Darian, Sheree, Kandi and Kim...Thank you for being a friend!


Faison I am a STRONG and DEDICATED ally to Gay men and Women. I have spoken out against the discrimination and I voted for Gay Marriage in my own State (although it didn't go through). You know that I am telling the truth about certain Gay men out here who are just plain ARROGANT! It has everything to do with their personality and nothing to do with their sexual preference. I'm a Black woman and I was followed around a department store because the lady working there thought I might "Throw it in the Bag!" I was upset, but that doesn't mean I have to turn and HATE on everybody who I think might be a certain way. Just because Gays have struggles doesn't mean you have to go after a person because they didn't attend an event.

This whole Nene bashing thing is INDEFENSIBLE! People have NO way of knowing why she wasn't there! If you can show me proof that she was shopping or that she doesn't support gays, then I will PROMPTLY Bow Down and say nothing else on the matter.

And I've not asked anyone here to apologize. I'm just not understanding all the unprovoked HATE towards Nene. Rod didn't even make disparaging remarks about her, so where did it come from? Nothing she has done should lead anyone to believe she is anti-gay or whatever.

Also, I wasn't trying to tell anyone off, I was just voicing my opinion on this unjust negativity towards Nene.


Isis I am very surprised at you. Do gays just have to be nice to straights, talk to str8 boyz about sports and flatter straight women all the time? Will that encourage the church men and women to stop bashing us?

Faison, No!! You don't have to do any of those things and you have a reason to be distant from the Fear Mongering Church crowd. But what does that have to do with bashing Nene for not attending an event in support of Gays. You don't know why she wasn't there? What has she done to deserve to be bashed this way? What negative things has she said about Gays?

I just don't get it and I am sorry!


It isn't bashing, but a statement. She always going on about this and that with her gay friends and how she is a "gay magnet" and gets along better with gay men than women. So some of us want her to put her money where her mouth is. If she loves us so much, why isn't she out there fighting to make things better for us? Or does she just like it when we can give her some quick quips to use or to help her shop?

I will come out and apologize when I see her do something that promotes the gay community, and not just use us to shop with or to buy her book.


I want to share a story briefly.... I think it has relevance.....

My Aunt is a retired librarian and she is a VERY quiet person. In all my life she has NEVER not once risen her voice in anger or otherwise. I was visiting her and we were watching CNN and they were discussing Proposition 8. I asked if she would vote for Gay Marriage and she said yes. All she would have to do is feel in a circle on a ballot. SHe wouldn't have to get out and promote anything, she wouldn't be VOCAL, but does that make her any less supportive.

The point is..... people do what they can and you can't start demanding these kind of things from people. Nene allows herself to be filmed socializing HEAVILY with Gays. What if someone watching the show sees Nene's relationship with Gay men and say to themselves.... "If Nene is Cool with the Gays, then maybe I should be too." Even if its one person that changes their ways, that is a small but notable improvement.

Again, some of you act like Nene owes you something.... WHY? Did she take you shopping? Did she use you for something and now you need some reciprocity? I'm just trying to understand! Where did these standard come from?

I guess maybe this goes deeper. Maybe this is some kind of "Get them before they get me" kinda thing. Maybe its because Gays have been stigmatized and ridiculed for so long that some of you have built up wall around certain things. I DON'T KNOW, but I am certainly willing to learn. However, thus far no one has offered anything reasonable as to why Nene deserves to be talked about this way. She wasn't even mentioned in the article.....


Miss Nene does NOT love the gays, and neither does Miss Dwight. Nene is just a f*!g hag; an opportunist. She gets a rise out of the girls; she laughs AT THEM, not with them, then sends them on their way none the wiser.

Timaya, one of Youtube's rising GAY stars, CLOCKS THE TEA on Dwight, as well as the fact that Dwight represents one of the worst types of gay male: old, bitter, jaded, and unreasonably upset with gay youth.

I know some of you won't be able to withstand this video, being "masculine" and all, but for the down to earth gays that aren't deluded with gender roles, get in.


Rod, I don't know if you allow links on your board, but this was just too much to pass up.

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