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24 August 2009


Anthony in Nashville

I always thought somebody was going to jail for his death, more so for negligence (sp) than homicide.

Get ready for another round of Joe in the spotlight, reminding us "I told you so."

Shane Moseley

This is a MFing shame!
It will be that shady Dr. Conrad, mark my words.


Dr. Conrad needs to surrender his sorry ass to prison now. He's marked for death as we speak!


This is such a tragedy and a shame. It's as if Michael Jackson died a second time. What a freakin' mess this is going to turn into. Just imagining all of these drugs and chemicals being injected inside his body. How horrible.

Byron Monte

Yes, all these drugs and chemicals being injected into his body...only because he wanted it. But sure, it's a very sad situation nonetheless.


But it's not only what he wanted, it's also what people allowed him to have. Doctors shirked their ethical responsibilities in giving him these drugs. "You may get drugs, but not with my help." Did anybody bother to say that? Propofol is not something you can inject by yourself. Where are people's ethics? And I don't buy the BS about money and fame.


Yes, Michael wanted the drugs but it's a shame that an educated doctor couldn't take a minute to pause and realize he was slowly killing a beloved entertainer. Sheesh, money talks but it sure can't bring back the dead.............

Theresa Nevarez

Okay-lets review some things that should have been "red flags" to SOMEONE....a cardiologist becomes a "personal physician" to someone with a history of chemical dependancy and after a few short weeks, (obviously not knowing or taking into consideration his past/present addictions)is able to administer (ON A DAILY BASIS) a cocktail of crap that any medically educated person, in ANY field, in their RIGHT MIND would know could bring a rhino down let alone help a 50 year old 120 lb man to sleep; (B) it wasn't working; (C) why in the hell was he not forthright with everything he gave him when they rushed him to the hospital which could have potentially saved his life if they had all their facts? (D)How was he able to buy proporal OUTSIDE of the hospital...better yet purchase it at all??? I believe their are more people that need to be held accountable!!!

Theresa Nevarez

PLUS since when is a cardiologist also a licsensed anasthesiologist, a chemical dependancy counselor, and capable of diagnosing sleep problems??? Why didn't anyone BOTHER to ask themselves those pertinant questions??


They should put the electric chair on the back of the police Van when they pick the dr up,and just hook his dumb a** up right there .Now he's a SICKO !!!

Byron Monte

Uuuh, yeah, let's do that Tanya.

order fioricet

I think someone is going to jail.. This is so sick.. MJ would still be alive if not for that stupidity..


Really?!? If I take a prescribed medication like Xanax to kill myself, is it really murder now? Did my doctor kill me? Just because it isn't over the counter Tylenol?

If my murderer isn't the doctor could it next be linked to the pharmacist?

Truth is, we are all responsible for our own lives and the choices we make, good or bad...

At least if he died the way he lived it would be authentic whether we like it or not... but spinning the ending of a "not very" responsible way of life as a homicide is either a great marketing ploy for the dead or a total cop out.

I'll choose to enjoy my "Bad" hero going out the way he genuinely lived and not some murdered victim role his publicist (or family) chooses to portray...


Dr. Conrad was not a doctor, he was an enabler. He bowed down to the god of money and greed and now he must pay for that unholy allegiance. He's supposed to be a DOCTOR not a drug dealer and he is responsible for his actions. He is a murderer.

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