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20 August 2009


Anthony in Nashville

Obama's legacy is on the line, less than a year after the election.

If he messes up health care (and I think excluding a public option qualifies as a mistake, given that it is the only real way to make a substantial impact in health care/coverage), Obama may as well start planning his tour for 2012 because he's not going to be re-elected.

Flame me if you wish, but it seems Obama lacks any principles and is simply happy to be in office. Some people hinted at this during the campaign, but I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. He gives mesmerizing speeches but hasn't seemed to follow through with anything.

Christie Keith

If this bill is passed without a public option, I will no longer be a Democrat.

I was angry and upset at President Obama about the DOMA argument, about not pursuing DADT/DOMA repeals, lots of things. But I thought, go ahead, save your political capitol for the health care fight.

I think he's freaking out of his mind if he really thinks he can jettison the public option and "weather" liberal anger. I had left the Democratic Party years ago, and came back for Howard Dean and his health care fight. I was proud to campaign for and raise money for Obama. But my faith won't survive this.

Christie Keith

Er, political capital. Yes, really, I can spell.


...Obama is disappointing me.
Where is his fire?
His drive?
His conviction?

What he needs to do is get off of that "We Are The World" bull and start stating what he wants and getting it done.
He keeps trying to please these right wing pundits. HELLO?! THEY ARE NOT THE ONE'S THAT ELECTED YOU. They didn't want you in office. Why are you succumbing to their demands?

If he doesn't get it in gear, he will not be re-elected. Fabulous speeches can only get you so far.
I bet Michelle Obama is shaking her head with absolute disgust every time he buckles under pressure.


The article in The Atlantic says no such thing about tossing the public option. We need to raise our voices and concerns louder or sit down, shut up until a bill is passed before we jump up and say Obama is a failure.

Then clearly you read another article. You can also try the front page of the WSJ, NYT or WaPo. -RM


so where DERRiCKA-QUAN and those other ObamaLemmingMorons at?

where's your defense of him now? What? WHAT? WHAT? *CRICKETS*

NOW...do you SEE why folk had EVERY right to challenge and question him during the presidential race last year? THIS is the change that you guys claimed was going to come and IT DIDN'T....

explain THIS....

how does Obama have the right to go on vacation and NOT have this taken care of before he left?

what IS THIS? is Obama *REALLY* fighting to improve the lives of US citizens or he more invested in securing his "legacy"?

methinks its the latter, and we are DOOMED if it is....


What Anthony and Christie said.

Healthcare reform will be THE legacy of this White House. We have to pass the strongest and best bill we can. There won't be a redo and we will have to live with it for years to come. It's very obvious Obama won't fight for the public plan (or anything else) because he doesn't want to get his hands dirty.

I pray and hope to God the White House wins somethinge we can be produ of. But I'll be damned if Obama (who I voted for and donated money to) cuts a deal with insurance and another deal with pharma and gives away a trillion dollars.


Reverse psychology. How else could he get people to react. I think it's working quite well. Last week all we were hearing about on the news was how America doesn't need a public option and how the GOP inciting riots at townhall meetings. Now look how the climate has changed. All you hear on the news now is we have to have a public option. These people are smart and they realize what they are doing!

Danny Rivera

((Reverse psychology. How else could he get people to react. I think it's working quite well.))

Oh, so its like another brilliant 11 dimensional chess game that only Obama can play? So that means he is WINNING right? lol

Why not simply come out like the 60 House Dems who said "We MUST to have a public option." Much easier to let people know where you stand, right? But you keep telling yourself its "reverse psychology" ..


i wish this were reverse psychology but i dont think it is. but i am hoping and praying for the best! c'mon white house, c'mon obama, c'mon congress, do what we elected you to do!


Frankly, I don't know if you would call it direct psychology, reverse psychology, or around-in-circles psychology. It seems to me that too many Americans are just plain psychotic. I was watching the entire town hall that Barney Frank gave on C-Span. The people asking the questions were absolute idiots. I have to give props to Frank, because people kept interrupting him while he was trying to answer their questions, and they were calling him a liar. He was a real-trooper.

I don't think some of these people even want to know the truth. Everything was me, me, me, me, me. They didn't ask about helping others in dire need of access to health care. They didn't ask about pre-existing conditions or what happens when you lose your job or you lose your coverage. One young guy talked about what if he chooses to take the risk of not having insurance. It was unbelievable. That's how the Mike Ross' and Ben Nelson's and Bachus' get elected. By a bunch of dim-witted a-holes.


Opting on the public option component would be stupid as hell. Obama is trying to appease the fools which is stupid when there are so many people still losing their jobs and health care coverage. They are putting a lot in jeopardy with this move for sure.

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