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26 August 2009



And he will never get to see his dream of universal healthcare realized. I'm sad, but even more angry. Rest in Peace, Mr. Kennedy.


I have a cherished memory of Teddy.

I sang at JFK Jr.'s funeral and afterward there was a formal reception with food and drink. By the time I got there, Teddy was already "red in the face." He raced over and grabbed me, praised my performance, and proceeded to personally introduced me to each and every family member like I was an old friend.

He then insisted that we sing a song together right there with all these politicians (and Arnold Schwarzenegger) standing around laughing and clapping. I was so stunned I couldn't think of anything. So Teddy starts belting an Irish tune and begins to do a jig! Everyone joined in and you could barely tell that they had just lost a family member. Caroline was barely holding on but Teddy was able to lift her spirits and she smiled with such love for this man that I was deeply moved. The love in that room for Teddy was palpable and I instantly loved him too.

My heart is broken. Rest in peace, Teddy.

D. Askew

This is such horrible news. Tragic, and somewhat expected but still ... what can you say?

Ted Kennedy was such a strong man. A gentle man with a gentle heart. God bless him and his family.

Thank you TEDDY for helping our nation. Perhaps one day we will have universal health care and it will be because of you.


R.I.P. Teddy



He will truly be missed. He was one of the MOST respected Politicians we've had. Big shoes to feel for his successor... BIG SHOES!!

Chris Cruz

Wow. Where to begin?
So many memories... I watched this man grow up, change his ways and become a beacon of light and hope.

Thanks for staying up to post this, thanks everyone for your memories, Soulbrotha love what you said.

I will toast a glass of wine tonight. To America, which will never be the same without the courageous and brave Ted Kennedy!

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I admire anybody who goes after their dreams and does so with conviction. He was applauded by Dems and disliked by many Republicans, but no matter what, he did what he felt was right. That is all you could ever ask for in a person, and it's what made him so successful.

May God rest his soul.



It seems everyone forgot that he was responsible for the death of a woman, drove his wife to become an alcoholic and was quite the party animal for many years. I agree in his later life he seemed to hit stride, but overall he will always be the troubled Kennedy brother. I am not a republican, but I was raised to be responsible. If what happened in the 60's had happened in these times he would have probably lost his senate seat and might have gone to jail...

A man who helped many more people than you has died. You're such a troll. You consistently come to a gay, progressive blog with racist and right wing talking points. Enjoy your trailer and Fox News. -RM


so sad for so many reasons


I can't believe it...I thought my dad was out of his mind when he called me from work this morning around 2:30, 3:00am and told me...

Such a MAJOR loss to politcs and to society at large:

Ted, Eunice ALL of the Kennedy clan really *WERE* true examples of progressivism, class, determination, and true good will and faith towards all. The Kennedy's NEVER discriminated against anyone and FOUGHT HARD for EVERYONE to have equal rights...

Ted was THE unofficial father of national health care and he will SORELY be missed....


they don't make em like that any more!!! he was one of the great ones and will be missed terribly. the Kennedy's are this nation's Royal Family-may he rest in peace!


Rest In Peace, Senator Kennedy-
I will as will millions of others will never forget you and will continue to fight for the cause of equality following your example.




He was such an amazing man, and an inspiration to anyone who wanted to get into politics for all the right reasons and not the superficial self serving ones like some representatives from Alaska (*wink*wink*nudge*Nudge*). Not only was he a great champion for LGBT rights but he was willing to fight tooth and nail for it. May he RIP and my condolences are with his family and friends. I hope this is a wake-up call for the democratic party and the whole senate when it comes to the debate for health care. In fact if his death help leads to a quality form of health care it would be his ultimate gift to humanity.

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