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03 August 2009



T.O.'s "Honey Nuts", huh...you know, what? I'm not even gonna do it. He is really asking for it with this one but I'm not gonna do it. I'm not! I'm gonna take the high road, for a change.

Derrick from Philly

Actually, the cereal box does have a nice picture of the fool...with his toasted nuts (which I'm sure are delicious).


Damn! Is this real? Not a SNL skit?
Well, their ain't no denying his HOT factor now. Double Entendre sells.

Chitown Kev


You don't have to do it, TO already did it wih his honey nuts.

I was talking with a (presumably?) straight male buddy about divas in the NFL Of course, Braylon's name came up (now I would like a taste of Braylon's honey nuts, to be sure) but he said that TO "put the D in diva.

Not that I would turn down a taste of TOs toasted honey nuts, mind you.

Chitown Kev

I just noticed that the box says "Low Fat Food".

So TO's honey nuts tastes great and are less filling. Damn!


Between seeing Dhani Jones and Stephon Marbury (shirtless and in loose fitting shorts exotic dancing on his streamcast) and T.O. I am in heaven.


Ugh!! I'll skip breakfast.

Honut SInti

Speaking of football divas:


If TO is ever in search of something part-time, I think I have an opening he can fill. I'm sure I do.


I'll pass

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