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25 August 2009



Oh man, I hate to say it, while she may be 100% female, I wouldn't doubt she was doped up on testosterone by the coach. Only question: did she know it?


This is terrible news...the key will be if she knew or not. If so, shame on her for being so greedy to win. If she didn't, shame on her for not doing her research on her coach and the drugs she was given or encouraged to take. It's very unfortunate for any athelete to deal with such dealings but enhancing ur performance only impresses others until they know u did it. Another tragedy and her career is practically over, pending the full results, before it has really begun.


this is very terrible indeed...

and i am completely convinced that there is *NO* way she could have known...really, she couldn't have...

given that her coach is the infamous Dr Ekkart Arbeit, who was notorious for doping up ALL of those female track athletes during the 1980s....

i find it hard to believe that a) Caster would know she was being doped and b) that she would be WILLING to be that greedy and determined to win at all costs to do that...

of course, all the racists and white people who have been screaming that Caster is a man/cheat will see this as a cause for celebration...

but, i *STILL* want to hear the results of this "GENDER TEST", even though i feel its use in this drama is problematic on a host of levels...AND, is the IAAF testing anyone else in that race...they should b/c a few of those runners looked "manly" too...


I just don't understand why her coach (who I am thinking persuaded her to take anabolic steroids) would do this. Does Caster get paid from winning these races? Is it that serious to possibly irreversibly harm a woman's biological makeup? Ridiculous. Poor Caster. She is the victim on many levels.


I am a little lost....If I were female and starting to look like a man in a short time then I would questioned this change. I am not saying she knew but damn she built like a dude.


In this post Marion Jones era of Track & Field, it is NOT entirely unreasonable for me to believe she (Semenya) may have known about the steroids. I'm NOT saying she did, but the possibility is there and it is a legitimate discussion. As long as its not derogatory and insulting I don't see a problem with discussing possible causes. There are still many possibilities that could come out. Her elevated testosterone levels could be do to her MAYBE being a hermaphrodite. Also, like many have said she could be a victim of this shady doctor who has a history of using drugs on athletes. However, if that is the case, she should have researched who she was working with. I don't know what her home life is like or how much education she has, but she or someone around her should have known better.


That is so funny. I haven't heard that word in years. Wow...bull***.


See, I knew she was either a dude OR amped up on steroids. There is no way she could be 100% female looking like that.


I doubt that Caster new all this. This is an EIGHTEEN year old girl from a rural place in south africa. Having grown up from the neighbour Botswana myself i know first hand how those communities are. I had a classmate who looked more of boy than me(except she wasn't into sports). Since she was a kid she's always looked like a boy.We are not talking a tomboy here.When she was 12 she was stripped of the medal she won at schools competition because the competitors doubted she was a girl. Although it was later given back to her.

People are ready to jump to conclusions that she cheated.If Caster turns out to be 'male' chances are she didn't even know it.She just didn't suddenly start looking like a man.ALL HER LIFE she's looked like this.Perhaps not as defined as now but hey, she's a runner.Even the headmaster of her school didn't know she was a girl until 11th grade.

My Point is: She did not suddenly start looking like a man.Unless u're telling me she started taking testosterone when she was a kid.


Rich, industrial societies, especially this one, have squelched natural gender variation, in order to conform to a norm. If you go to any more traditional society, then you will always see more obviously "masculine" women, and some of these women will now excel in modern international sports.

I agree with SouLKid. Most of the views of Ms. Semenya expressed on this blog have been through an American cultural lens. The fact that this former East German is her coach is a big reason to be suspicious that her victory was artificially enhanced, but Ms. Semenya could easily have been very "masculine" in physique from the very beginning.

CC from L'Afrique de Sud

still not conclusive enough... i'm getting hungry for the gender test result.


LOL ...funny that they are releasing this information... to save face.

Again I am troubled at how they are treating her. There were several other women in the IAAF worlds that looked super pumped up and butchified. Are they being tested? Are they being put up dfor ridicule?

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