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27 August 2009



You see what happens when you show up at an event and don't really know what you are going to see or hear? LOL It's Madonna! What did they expect? I respect her politics so much. Brava Madonna!

Baltimore Femme

Love Madonna and love the fact that she says what she believes!

Chitown Kev

Thank you, Madge!


Love it, love it, love it!
Listen to her, she keeps on talking and doesnt stop!


I love Madge because she has ALWAYS loved the gays. This is nothing new for the Queen of Pop. She is consistent in her support of the girls, not a fair-weathered hag. Work, Madonna.

Mel Smith

Perhaps Madonna did not know the type of people she was dealing with; the people at that concert were lunatics. It also shows me how prejudice Romanian people are.


I think she knew, she just wanted to say it to their faces lol. Madonna does not shy away from sharing her opinions no matter who is listening and I love that about her.

Kevin Perez

Madonna at the age of 51 still causing this type of controversey! As for Homophobia and racism, it's Eastern Europe. It's pratically Neo-Nazi Heaven.

James M

This is a Madonna Concert. I thought there would be more gays in the audience then anyone. I guess it really is different on the other side of the world

CC L'Afrique de Sud

well i'll be damned! she is a very influential person and this?

come to SA i promise i'll applaud you madge!


While visiting Budapest and northern rural Hungary, I became familiar with the racism against the darker skinned Roma (or Gypsies), the violent attacks on Roma communties, and the wholesale criminalization of the Roma people. I felt connected to the Roma, and somehow Roma children and older folk seemed to relate to me in ways that other Hungarians didn't, in part because I am a black man with long dreadlocks (the Roma Youth I met loved Dancehall music). Some Roma artists and intellectuals have identified themselves as the historical "Niggas" of Europe (even after the arrival of neo-colonial African and Arab immigrants).

The Magyarsag Right Wing Nationalism has been on the rise in Hungary for a while now, like other Neo-fascist movements in other parts of Eastern Europe (Czech Rep., Slovak Rep., Ukraine, Poland, Russia, etc.)-- and the Roma have long suffered the hatred of the Europeans. They were one of the ethnic groups targeted by the Nazis during WWII, and 1/2 million died during the Holocaust along with 6 million Jews and 6 million Slavs, Homosexuals, differently-abled folk and Communists. Today they live in ghettos across Eastern Europe, and to a certain extent, Western Europe.

I hope Madonna stands up for the Palestinians when she visits Israel soon, like she did for the Roma; if she does, she'll get booed there too.

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