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26 August 2009


Kevin Perez

I'm not exactly shocked or suprised any more. It's pretty predictable and you know what's expected when we hear about LGBT subjects in South Africa (and Africa in general)

I wonder if the dumbasses that keep insiting that being gay is choice or its a lifestyle (many Black KKKristans claim to have gay friends but don't approve/believe in the "lifestyle") and claim that people bring this type of BS on themselves have to say about these violent crimes being commited against Black LGBT OUTSIDE the USA.

Oh, I forgot, being gay and Black is exclusive, there for they're just "ghey" and not part of the diaspora/community and not one of "us".

J. Fox



These stories are becoming much to common. I will continue to pray for a better day, but I must admit sometimes I feel it in vain.

Chris Cruz

Only TWO comments on this story?
That is another tragedy!

I feel so sorry for my black LGBT brothers and sisters in South Africa. Their existence in the townships is an escalation of the reality in the hoods here...gay rights might be the law but there is a separate and distinct "law of the streets."



Such a tragic story. My heart goes out to all my LGBT brothers and sisters in South Africa and all around the world who have to deal with such hate and violence.

I hope that the LGBT community in South Africa have the fortitude to tough it out. Because that's exactly what they will have to do. The situation will probably get worse before it gets better. The only way things can improve faster is if the world community treats LGBT rights the same as other human rights violations. Let me scratch that. The world doesn't do anything about human rights. The UN just pays lip service, and the countries view their relations with each other based on greed. Unfortunately, people are too often on their own -- especially LGBT folks.

alicia banks


gold & champs trump gaybashing
that is the ONLY reason cs was given a pass...

shame how ONLY you keep us informed rod

you rule all pan-african media!

thank you for your toil as you rule the net my dear warrior bro


alicia banks

i just linked you rod



It is so sad that ignorance bred in grotesque poverty usually involves such vicious cruelty. Could the torture and murder of this Sister also have to do with her financial success-- i.e., "who does this Dyke think she is making more money than us while we wallow in Township hell"?? This was an attack on Same-Gender Love and Womanhood, and its message was that Lesbian financial success, meaning Lesbian power, would not be tolerated by impoverished, envious, misogynistic black men living degrading, impossible lives. Male dominance, in this case, may also mean male financial superiority.

Impoverished South African black men have not always hated Lesbians. (Obviously, most of them don't today.) Many such men, when they belonged to struggles against Apartheid-- when they lived meaningful lives-- supported the Equality of Lesbians and Gays. In addition to legalizing its centuries long tradition of same-gender marriage, South Africa was the First county in the World to grant civil equality to LGBT people in their Constitution. (We don't even have that here in America.) This Constitution was created by the African National Congress during the anti-Apartheid struggle, made up mostly of impoverished black women and men who had to suffer Township hell.

As a optimistic reminder that poor "heterosexual" Africans have defended LGBT rights when they belonged to hopeful, meaningful and honest struggles against socio-economic Injustice, see the following Wiki article on LGBT rights in South Africa. I pray such a movement rises in South Africa again, this time against the Rich. If Africa can give birth to the first documented case of National LGBT Civil Equality in the World, Africa can escape the Scourge of anti-Female, anti-LGBT violence, as well as all violence excaserbated by poverty often exploited by demagogues and fundamentalists (as in the U.S.)


Thank you Rod for an important piece.


SA is very exemplar when it come to LGBT rights, etc. but i'm afraid it's just all good on paper... in reality ignorance is the biggest hurdle and still very rife here.

it saddens me that i wake up in a country where some people entertain the belief that if you sleep with a virgin (even if it's a 2 month old baby girl) you'll be cured from HIV/AIDS. not kidding!

we have a long way to go but i look forward to the journey. a lil' more patience, tolerance and understanding is all we need...

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