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31 August 2009



I'm NOT surprised by this at all. When you are directly connected to corrupt individuals like Kwame and Monica, its hard to disassociate yourself from them. I hope both Both Conyers and Cheeks-Kilpatrick are able to overcome downturn in popularity.


Are they having trouble coz they are unpopular or coz of the corruption surrounding them?


Conyers has really stepped into it with this radio bill he is sponsoring that has met with significant backlash from black radio. The scandal involving his wife has drifted very close to him, and remember that years ago he was accused of using his aides as servants who did everything from picking up drycleaning to babysitting on the taxpayers dime.

And in a cruel twist of fate Carolyn needs to just use Cheeks. I don't think people in Detroit want to vote for a Kilpatrick right now!!


LOL, Yeah, John and Carolyn have serious family connections with corruption for sure. John's wife, Monica was a complete hoodrat on the Detroit City Council. Carolyn's son is a convicted criminal who was acting like mob boss when he was Detroit's mayor, so you all you have to do is connect the dots.

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