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27 August 2009


Baltimore Femme

I am hoping and prayer the DC police can find these cowards. You cannot just attack and kill trans people and think you can get away with it! We are people and human beings and deserve respect!!!!

DW Jazzlover

There are some very sick people out there! Lord, Lord, Lord.


This is horrible news! Breaks my heart!!!

gemma hodgkiss

i just don't undstand some people im young and transsexual 2 , oh btw guys why did you call him he , when is oviously she !


Let's hope the police get this murderous piece of crap off the street before he hurts someone else. Or maybe he'll just off himself and save everyone one huge headache.

But it was interesting viewing the news report where neighbors said the area was improving crime-wise over the past few years. I still wonder if someone saw what happened in detail but they're afraid to come forth.


In priase of our lost Sister:

Nana Buluku (or Nanan-bouclou) is the Supreme Deity of the Fon from Dahomey.

Nana Buluku is an androgynous deity. Like the Judeo-Christian god, Nana Buluku created the Universe and all that exists in it. Twins were born to Nana Buluku: the moon god Mawu and the sun god Lisa.

Nana Buluku was also incorporated into the Yorùbá religion as Yemaja, the female thought of the male creator Ashe and the effective cause of all further creation.[1]

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