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26 August 2009



WOW. I used to live right around the corner!



Here we go again. Maybe LGBT folks should start carrying guns. I know that was a knee-jerk reaction. But having been a target of anti-LGBT violence, I tend to get very emotional about these crimes.


"Maybe LGBT folks should start carrying guns. I know that was a knee-jerk reaction."

Why would you call your response a knee-jerk reaction? Men are currently carrying guns to Obama events and it's LEGAL.

LGBT people have the same right to carry firearms as anyone else as long as they follow the applicable laws. We have the right to defend ourselves.

Kevin Perez

And yet if we did defend ourselves, people will still find fault with us. Whenever LGBT, especially if they're POC, are attacked, the general attitude by colored communities and others is what did "they" do to provoke them? The same questioning that many Blacks and Latinos condemn when Whites folks hear about police brutality involving Black Latino males. They typical question (and attitude) among suburban White folks about police brutality against inner-city youth is what did "they" do to provoke the officers. Usually when that's the first question you ask yourself, that reveals a level of bigotry and social intolerance and that usually leads to blaming the victim and how "he/she" (anything to dehumanize the victims) brought it upon themselves and using religious scriptures and outdated stereotypes and constant demonization to rationalize violence against anybody LGBT.


I said it's a knee-jerk reaction because I am not a gun owner and there are too many guns on the street. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable being around someone with a gun concealed or exposed. Of course we can carry guns. Did I say we shouldn't?

I have posted several comments calling for the LGBT community to be more vigilant and prepared for the worst every time they step out the door. I am tired of reading about the "Dog bites man" story. I want to start reading the "Man bites dog" story. It's time that we start fighting back. And not just by passing hate crimes laws.

U Street

@ Ravenback
@ Kevin

Yes I would say that it is a knee-jerk reaction. Was this prostitution because the area is known to frequent gay homosexual prostitutes? Which is very scandal and disrespect there is a church on the next block. It is hard enough for us 'family' who are trying to keep what we do away from these people.

Rod the fact please, the facts!

Mel Smith

U Street, regardless if a church is within the area or not, the transgendered individuals had no right to be attacked.


@ U Street

Forgive me everyone for saying my comment was a knee-jerk reaction. I hit it dead on the head. If someone is trying to attack you or kill you, then you should use whatever means is necessary to defend yourself. Period. I beat the crap out of two homophobic thugs who tried to beat me up with a steel pipe. And if I had the chance to kill them, then I probably would have.

U Street might have been the one who did it because he sees nothing wrong with the attack. After all, the attackers were protecting the local church and families from prostitution. Even if that was the case, then the attackers should have called the police. That's what they are for.

I'm not quite sure who you are referring to with the word 'family'. But no one has the right to harm another individual unless it is for self-defense. And what are 'we' trying to keep from these people? Perhaps you need to post another comment and explain what your statement means. Don't worry about Rod giving us the facts. You need to clarify what you are saying because it's sounding a little pathetic.

U Street

@ Ravenback:

I am brotha on DL who is in DC.
I also know area and know there are some flames there are D Queens.

I go to church and do not like my church 'family' to know about my other 'family'. Get it?


U Street, you're unbelievable.

So it's okay to kill transgendered prostitutes if they pick up johns near a church? Apparently, murder doesn't bother that church at all? Well, since in that area it almost certainly is a black church, you might be on to something.

Though I'm a proponent of legalizing prostitution, I certainly don't support tricking in broad daylight on the street. Still, this is a stretch since we have no idea if the victims were prostitutes and a call to the police could've handled the situation. This just speaks to the "meaningless" of transgendered lives. They are truly at the bottom of the barrel, with even many gays and lesbians willing to deny them.

Oh, and if these women were prostitutes, I'm sure they were well acquainted with more than one member of that church. Know what I mean?

Chitown Kev

@U Street

Black church queen trash. I get it real well.


@ U Street:

"Down low" in DC=
"I just ho online and dont go to clubs"

Back to reality... I am so hopeful this was not a hate crime or some trick. That happens all to often. Rare do we see what happened in Syracuse with Latesha Green. Peace to the family.


@ U Street

I get that you are a repressed and confused DL brotha who worries too much about what others think and doesn't allow himself to live his life freely and openly.

First, do you even realize that someone died during this cowardly attack? How can you in all good Christian consciousness say anything that condones this act of violence in even the slightest way? I got it. You are a fraud and a hypocrite.

Second, I don't really care if you are DL and go to church. You deal with your own hangups and stop condoning violence against the LGBT community just because you wish to keep your lie of a life secret from everyone else. Besides, how did these individuals threaten your precious DL life? Don't you even know that lies eventually get exposed? I hope you are prepared for the explosion because it will get messy. And the only ones who will help you put things back together is your secret family. That sounds so strange to me. Families shouldn't be a secret. But to each his own.

And another thing. I hope you aren't dipping back and forth between the straight and gay world. What a fraud. And this time, I'm not apologizing or expressing a knee-jerk reaction.

And this is coming from an unapologetic and out gay man who has no shame in his game.

Chitown Kev

See, I was gay bashed by nine street thugs as I was walking by Dunbar High School on the way home from the Brass Rail almost 20 years. (As I have stated, I did not report the crime because 1) I was drunk and 2)...well, Dunbar had a rep for MANY things which I won't go into here.)

So forgive me but my tolerance for ignorant black a*s DL street trash like U Street is so very, very low so as to be practically nonexistent.

As far as it being near a church, I was been cruised in front of a DC by a pastor after Bible Study let out in broad daylight as he was talking to some queen. And I was not a prostitute.

Given that, U Street, you say it's by a church to say what?

Chitown Kev


I have to give it to you, you handle people like U Street far better than I do.

DW Jazzlover

No one deserves to die this way,no matter what.

Tim D.

wow i live on the next street over from Q st nw....i walk that way from the howard U/shaw metro stations...Q st is filled with no life, no job having thugs and kids that terrorize the block...the fact that this happend at 2:50pm scares me because i know there were many people around at that time, and they all probably stood there and watched...like i tell my gay friends, "I HATE STR8 PPL or str8 acting people" period!

Baltimore Femme

I read this earlier and was so mad my blood was boiling. I am shock, angry, offended...most of all disappointed in some people in my Rod 2.0 family.

Who knows what happened? Or how or why? Maybe it was a hate crime, maybe it was a trick. I know this stretch and it is rather dicey over there. And that means what? In death this poor woman... YES WOMAN if 'she' is indeed a 'she' ...deserves more scorn?

I cannot live and get ready for all of these self proclaimed DL queesn and church queens who think they are inclockable or BETTER than us...because they are not THAT feminine or not THAT obvious. Or better yet...because they don't fight for their rights!

U Street, you better keep on living honey!


What happen to it was terribe!But thats whats happen to them type of ppl that r confused.And always now that they r white thugs out there """""""""""

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