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17 September 2009



baby, not only does miss rachel support us but with exclamation points! THANK YOU!!!


Rod, I just read you and Patrick on Twitter talking about this. Thank you Mr. Polk and thank you Ms. True!

Sean Beasley

Love, love, love Rachel True.

To this day, The Craft is one of my favorite movies!

Loved her on Half & Half!

Thank you Rachel! Thank you Patrik!


LOL, Rachel is well known to be a hag amongst the community. She made a guest appearance on Noah's Arc. Also I loved her on Half & Half, a hit show (the 2nd highest rated on the UPN network overall) that never should have been canceled by the CW.


@ Kayman:

What is the "LOL"? Fag "hag" or not, she was asked and answered the question. Miss Nene Leakes is a well known "hag" (at least on tv) but doubt you will see her Tweet support for marriage. No matter what gay magazine cover she is asked to pose for. BOOM.

I appreciate question, at least people are talking about it on Twitter instead of what they had for lunch. Patrik sent messages to Diddy and Jay Z and others, Rod sends Tweet to athletes, we should all do same.

Rachel True is no "hag"", she is an LGBT ally. smh


omg i miss noah's arc so much
miss you darryl, jensen, rodney and christian!

and good idea patrik, i follow a few singers and will twitter same question 2 the,

Automatic Prince

I think it's a great idea.
I just asked all the celebs I follow on twitter the same question, that is @johnlegend @MissKeriBaby @dizzeerascal @necolebitchie @SongzYuuup @therealtoriamos @THE_REAL_SHAQ @NickCannon @MariahCarey @KatDeLuna

Automatic Prince

Necole Bitchie just tweeted back and said "Yes" :-)


I saw Rachael at a screening for Zombieland last night--one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

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