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25 September 2009



Thats a beautiful story... wonderful way o end the week

Face and Waist

I am so glad to see these students of all colors and sexuality fighting back. This is beautiful!~


BRAVO to those students! The Westboro Church hatemongers are Domestic Terrorist IMO.

Doug Cooper Spencer

Thanks Rod. We need to hear stories like this. I heard similar conversation last week here at University of Cincinnati in which some black students were meeting & they told one of the members of the group that they would no longer permit him to say anything bad about another because he assumed the guy was gay. They told him he 'was wrong & they no longer wanted to hear homophobic talk.'


YES!!! Go Technites! Class of 03'. This put a big smile on my face :)


Go Techies!! Class of '97! In. Your. Face! Church of Satan (Westboro Baptist)

But on the real, I'm surprised Technites came out for this one.


I grew in Kansas with these freaks protesting against homosexuals and demonstrating in front of funerals of AIDS victims and fallen soldiers. Interesting that they are all basically from the same family, the Phelps family. More telling is the fact that they never appear without their sunglasses on, like they are so ashamed of their own behavior they can't look you in the eye.


It's good to see people standing up to the militant, Christian fundamentalists.


Word Rigga? Tech '98 here!

I'd like to think my class would have come out as well, we were pretty progressive and lots of kids in my year and the year after started coming out of the closet,..kudos to these kids!

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