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17 September 2009



He's still in the Senate? Well, any help will do.

The Max Baucaus plan is so wretched that I'm starting to get a George W level of hatred for that man. Keith Olbermann ripped it to shreds on his show last night. The Baucus plan would be the biggest gift ever to the healthcare industry. 10-13% of your earnings would be taken out of your paycheck and given right to the healthcare industry.

You would be penalized up to $3,200 if you didn't pay this. All the while, the insurance industry could keep on with their unethical practices such as recision, denial of pre-existing conditions, like pregnancy, and sky-high deductable payments along with higher premiums (up to 5 times as much) for people over 50. That's what bi-partisanships get you. Oh, but no Republicans support it and still think it's socialism. Actually, it's crony capitalism.


Good for him, this Baccus plan is nothing better than a deal for the insurance companies. When their stock goes up after the proposal came out, the gig was up and we knew it was not good for the public.

Let it fail in its present way as its nothing but a ode to his being in the pockets of the industry.

Rod Mc

Great comment. I totally agree with you on BaucusCare. It's a total gift to PhRMA. FWIW, the Republicans won't support any Democrat bill. -RM


BRAVO INDEED! I am so proud of these firestarters, especially in the Congressional Black Caucus, who refuse to even engage in this insult of a conversation at this juncture.

Real options. Real conversations.

No real options. No vote.


This is a big problem for the Democrats: A man who doesn't have to worry about campaign contributions.

From Wikipedia:

"Burris [when announcing he would not run in 2010] stated he would rather continue to serve the people of Illinois than try to raise money for a campaign."

Senator Baucus, on the other hand, has received $2M from the health care industry.

So, you know which senator the Democrats are hating right now.

Stay firm, Senator Burris!


Senator Burris has nothing to lose! I ain't mad at him at all.

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