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28 September 2009


Joseph Reaves

Thank you for posting this story



Thank you for this post. What an amazing way to start the week. I would SO love it if we would exert more energy focusing on the great things that we are doing across the country. I am so excited about this next level for churches like ours. Pastor Kendal and his amazing partner and family (their 2 kids) joined us at our Mid-Atlantic Regional Concert in Baltimore and it was just wonderful to see them both and hug them both, as we are doing the same work, in different places.

With all of the stories about beatings and exorcisms, hate crimes and ugliness, I was just elated to wake up this morning to this profile!

One of my favorite quotes (and it's mine, but I still really like it) is WHAT HAS YOUR ATTENTION SHOWS YOUR INTENTION! I appreciate you Rod because you put attention on so many positive and community-expanding things, while still being so sincerely and consistently you!

Thanks for putting this out there, so not only the person in a city where there are affirming churches, but the for the BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO MUST MAKE THE CHOICE TO GROW HIGHER AND GO HIGHER IN GOD...JUST AS THEY ARE!

I know that Pastor Kendal and Bishop Flunder and Elder Joseph Tolton (NYC) and Bishop Kwabena Rainey Cheeks in DC and UFC Churches across the country are all working diligently to expand the thinking of our OWN, who can still be in churches that don't love them or lift them or even feed them spiritually.

As for me and my house, We Praise The Lord In Spirit and In Truth! My sermon yesterday was:

(The 12-Step Christian Recovery Program)

My God didn't we have a High Service indeed. Join our Facebook group and I post my sermon text there...for now.

Make your way to New Brunswick or Brooklyn or Charlotte, NC or ATL or somewhere where you are LOVED!

With love and grace,
The Elder Rev. Kevin E. Taylor AKA REVKEV!



Thank you for pointing out this story-- it was very needed.

And you ask THE question of the hour: now that more and more churches are moving in affirming directions, why do so many of us stay in oppressive environments, and (even worse) hate on those who choose to leave them behind?

Anthony in Nashville

I hope someone can give a definitive explanation for black gays supporting homophobic churches.

That has been one of the issues keeping me from feeling more aligned with the black gay community. I meet so many people (usually men) who refuse to leave these hateful places. The excuses are always the same: my family is established here; my sexuality isn't important; I'm sleeping with a church leader; nobody here knows I'm gay; I wish I wasn't gay anyway, etc.

After a while I realize that we just aren't in the same place and I move on.

If this was an infrequent thing it wouldn't be a big deal but at least half the black LGBTs I encounter are stuck in those spiritual/emotional chains.

Even during the State of Black Gay America summit in Atlanta earlier this month, Yvette Flunder talked about needing to stand up to these homophobic preachers.

I was disappointed by the inference that even at a black gay summit, where I thought people would have reached a certain level of self-realization and pride, there were closeted people.


One possibility is that every large city doesn't have a black-oriented LGBT affirming church. I'm just saying...


Continuing to play Devil's Advocate: Also that these people may find more connection with being amongst a black congregation instead of a majority white congregation that occurs with most LGBT churches in most places. I don't agree with the idea of staying in a non-affirming church, but some people choose to stay closer to other blacks than a more mixed setting.

There are also others who live in the cities where there are very few or no black LGBT affirming congregations at all. However, has a spiritual relationship with God, and don't attend church at all. I'm saying everybody doesn't want to live in DC, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, or NYC.


Kayman: That's a possibility, but in my experience, most large cities do have gay affirming churches, it's just that many black gay men don't seem to think it's a real church unless they're being degraded. They're like women in domestic violence situations who leave one bad relationship to enter another violent one. Basically: "If he's treating me nice, not stalking and threatening me, not controlling who I see and talk to and not coercing me with violence, then he must not love me."

People get used to trauma and come to expect it. They basically have to be deprogrammed.

Oh, and if you're talking about gay inclusive churches in DC, Unity at R and 12 streets NW is an explicitly gay friendly church. Personally, I don't believe in the "magic" of religion: virgin births, talking reptiles, resurrections, etc., but still enjoy going to Unity for the broader humanistic Christian message. This past Sunday, the visiting preacher, Rev. Mandara , tore it up. I felt like talking to me or into me. There is much love at that church.

There are also a number of other very gay friendly, black or multi-cultural churches in the district right down to rainbow flags adorning the buildings during gay pride. It's just that the church queens, like the abused wife, don't want to leave their abuser unless it's to take time out to come to this site and defend their right to be oppressed everytime Rod calls them out on it. They take off their earrings then.


Yes, I see that you mentioned Unity in the article, Rod. I was getting ahead of myself.


One reason why so many black gay men stay in homophobic black churches is that if they are closeted or on the DL they cannot join a black LGBT inclusive church without outing themselves. Of course, some of these men are not as closeted and/or DL as they think they are but that's another story.

alicia banks


good news

thanks rod!


You have to know your worth first if you are going to allow someone else to place a value on your life.

So if you think your worth is one penny you will go somewhere or be in a relationship (be it a partner or business or church relationship) where you are treated as if you are worth one penny.

When you value yourself more, you will not allow anyone to treat you as if you are not worth higher value that you become.


Thank you for letting people know of the options out there. I've been atending only gay affirming churches for over 20 years.

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