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12 September 2009



Whats confusing about this is that, in the House bill, it ALREADY explicitly states that illegal aliens cannot recieve health care. So this


It is a shame that the Democratic Party includes people like Baucus and Conrad. All the bills already prohibit illegal immigrants from benefiting from HCR initiatives. Those two and the Senate Finance Committee have held up HCR to date.

It is ironic that Wilson back in 2003 voted to approve $250 million to reimburse hospitals who treated uninsured undocumented immigrants under the Prescription Drug Bill of President Bush. Where was his indignation when he voted to fund illegal aliens? No where to be found because he supported it. Of course, that was under a Republican President. Now, Wilson is all out of sorts. I bet the mainstream media will not focus on this hypocritical act by Wilson. He is a hypocrite, and Baucus and Conrad are cowards.

Good day.


Let me get this straight: This mf disrespects the POTUS and not only does he NOT get censured or punished in any way, the Dems actually bend over (in every sense of the term)to appease him?! My head is about to pop! I say we remove the whole lot of them and start fresh.


@ReggieH...ABSOLUTELY....on Keith Oberman's show the day after that idiot Wilson shouted at HIS commander-in-chief (Joe is a member of the SC National Guard), Oberman posted the section(s) of the bill that already stated "individuals without proof of legal residence would not qualify for benefits". BTW, I think the Joe Wilson outburst was planned....I think it was just another ploy in the Shout-down-your-opponent-as-loud-as-possible-mentality that some hard line Republicans used this past August at the so-called "grass-roots" town hall demonstrations.

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