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03 September 2009



I'm fine if they can repeal this in 2010 or 2011. I want them to do it right rather than a quick fix.


I have a suggestion. Why don't we LGBT folks refuse to pay our taxes? If my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters can't fully participate in the American promise, then why should we be required to give our hard earned money to a government that refuses to protect all of its citizens from discrimination? I am truly disgusted at all of them from President Obama on down. I blame all of them for not doing anything to guarantee our people protection under the US Constitution. The 14th Amendment has been used to break down just about every impediment to parental and marital rights, non-discriminatory practices, due process, and so on. But it doesn't apply to the LGBT.

When it comes to our sexuality, we are second class citizens. As long as we blend in and disguise who we are, then it's OK. But if we choose to be who we truly are, then hold on one bit. You cannot serve in the military, you cannot get married, you cannot adopt children, you cannot freely show PDAs in public, and you cannot walk safely down the street without fear of being assaulted or killed. This is what my so-called government is telling us.

President Obama has been a huge disappointment. He alone has the power of the executive order to stop the purging of gays and lesbians from the military. These people like Anthony Woods, Daniel Cho, and thousands of others answered the call of duty and honor and bravely served their country. If one of them had lost a limb, would the government give it back to them when they are discharged? The military gets to keep your arm or leg, but you don't get to keep the years of service you gave your country or the benefits you earned by putting your precious life on the line. That's right. When you are "honorably" discharged because you "violated" the DADT policy, you are obligated to pay the government back any benefits like college tuition. That's gratitude for you.

I primarily blame President Obama because he can end this nightmare until Congress gets its act together. He promised to end DADT, but he has yet to deliver. I was initially willing to give him time, but he hasn't met us halfway by placing a down payment on his promise. That promise comes in the form of an executive order to stop the policy from being enforced. He hasn't delivered; therefore, I can no longer give him time. For now on, it is pay-as-you-go. He acts, I'll believe. No more talk.

I have said all along that I don't care about the good graces of others. I can't wipe my butt with good graces. I care only about laws and policies. Without them, you have no legal standing. So, President Obama, as much as I still hope you can help better this country, I am truly disappointed in you so far. Even if I still feel that you are better than the alternative of McCain/Palin, that doesn't mean I gleefully accept mediocrity.

I have so much more to say about this backstabbing move by the President and the Democrats in Congress. I'll save that for a future posting. Probably before the end of the day. And Barney Frank, Jared Polis, the Congressional Black Caucus, and all the other liberals and progressives in Congress, I will not spare any of you from my anger. You have all been conspicuously silent on this matter. A little lip service here and there just to keep your feet wet with the LGBT folks. Where is your unbridled outrage on this matter? I'm tired of the "you know we are with you" speech. Get your asses in gear dammit!!!

Danny Rivera

"I'm fine if they can repeal this in 2010 or 2011. I want them to do it right rather than a quick fix."

I think you're missing the point of the report. Perhaps deliberately? Durbin said they WON'T be looking for a repeal in 2010 because they are "too busy" and there are midterm congressional elections. Other Democrats said 2011 is even more unlikely because of the presidential election.

And there are no senate sponsors besides Gillibrand.

Any questions?


I live in Illinois. I intend on calling my senator's office tomorrow and informing the nice staff person answering the phone that I plan on being "too busy" to vote for the good Senator Durbin next time he appears on the ballot.

Chitown Kev



Thing is Durbin is a good Senator for LGBT as well as other issues. Now he's kowtowing to the Senate line of the Mormon Harry Reid. Things have been getting done (albeit slowly) in the House.

The democrats are full of s*it and this is Clinton all over again for LGBT issues as well as health care.

I am embarrassed that Dick Durbin is my Senator today.


Reuters News Service, March 20, 1943:

Since the loss last year of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party to the opposition, there have been calls for the Jews to be rescued from Auschwitz and Buchenwald and for the camps and the gas chambers to be shut down.

But members of the German Parliament “are signaling that there is little appetite to anger some of their more socially conservative voters at a time when election forecasters are signaling a tough [1944] election cycle for the party.”

No, I’m not saying the injustice to gays in the military is equal to the injustice of genocide. My point is actually this:

When you have all the power in the world and the well-being of an entire class of people is your hands, you either do what is right, or you don’t. If you are worrying about the reaction of your “more socially conservative voters,” then your soul is not worth the excrement it was molded from.


@ Jim

I understand the point you are making, and I agree with. It's just that I am tired of the Nazi and Hitler references. They have been presented in the media ad nauseum. But I do agree with you, please don't mistake that.


Danny, where did Durbin said they WON'T try in 2010? I did not see that stated at all

Chitown Kev

"And absent a big push from the Pentagon and Obama, key Senate Democrats are signaling that there is little appetite to anger some of their more socially conservative voters at a time when election forecasters are signaling a tough 2010 election cycle for the party."

Wondermann, just stop your TIRED defending of Clin-oops, I mean Obama and the Democrats. That was in the link that Rod provided.


Chitown Kev, unless it is directly stated, then it is an assumption.

Chitown Kev, just stop your tired gun jumping... It's disheartening.

Danny Rivera

"Chitown Kev, just stop your tired gun jumping... It's disheartening."

Wondermann, you are in serious denial. What is disheartening is to hear gays such as yourself continually defend the White House and Democrats each time they spit in our face.

But you keep telling yourself the senate will get to DADT or ENDA next year when they are running for re-election. Or the next year when the presidential campaign begins.

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