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22 September 2009


Chitown Kev


Pardon my cynicism about the Democrats nowadays, but I hope these new DNCers simply don't turn out to be Log Cabin Democrats.

Former COGIC

"Hopefully the six new LGBT members of the DNC will lobby Congress and pressure the White House to move on our issues, such as ENDA and a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal. Hopefully."

Rod, d'ya think? The DNC has a gay vp and treasurer Anndy Tobias. He handles all the Democrats money and still cant push for more than a cocktail party.

Rodney M.

Okay, I've been wanting to ask this question for a minute: Regarding LGBT issues, are we fair in our criticism that President Obama and his Democratic Administration aren't moving "fast enough" on "our" issues?

I ask that because we are watching our President's approval ratings slip because, after 8 months in office, he and his administration hasn't made sweeping changes after 8 years of Bush's mess. Honestly, I am very cautious that it seems to be White folks leading the charges against Obama, and White LGBT folks seem to be right in the thick of it!

Personally, as an HIV+ man who is in between jobs, and who has been temping for the past five months, I am MUCH MORE concerned about health care reform and economic progress. I am concerned also about DADT, mainly because my Significant Other is in the Navy. When I hear our (mainly White) LGBT leadership accuse Obama on not moving fast enough on "our" issues, and I hear the focus on Marriage Equality and DADT, I wonder "and who decided these issues?" And how come I don't see LGBT Leaders of Color leading the push for "change?" I think it's because this push for "change" from the White LGBT leaders is as racially motivated as the outright criticism and harassment from their heterosexual counterparts.

Your thoughts?

Rodney M.

Oh, and before I forget:


D Town's Finest

Earl, I know you from Detroit!
You go boy!


@ Rodney:

I'm not sure how race came into your comments and its getting tiresome. THIS IS A BLACK GAY BLOG! Rod is black, many or most of the readers here are too. Many of us pushing for change. Sitting back and doing nothing is NOT "change." How can you criticize black LGBTs for not doing anything and then when we are, you criticize?

Obama, the administration and the congress are moving at a snail's pace on gay rights. Thankfully hearings on ENDA begin tomorrow but that is only because gay activists have been pushing for it. It's nice you're talking about "health care" but Rod has posted many times on HCR and there is nary a peep. He has posted several times on health care reform and HIV, again very few comments if any. Same thing about DADT, which affects black and Latino gay men and women the most. Lots of reports here, few comments.

If you think we need to 'wait until health care is done" to move on gay rights, thats your opinion. But when is that going to be? And none of the HRC bills address same sex families? And are you sure there is going to be a Democratic Congress next year? Are you sure?

Most black LGBTs aren't doing much. But it's even worse to criticize (white) gay organizations and activists. At least they are doing something and pushing for change.

Face and Waist

Congrats Earl!


I worked with Earl during my many days back home in DC. Kudos, it was well-fought and well-earned!

Chitown Kev

Rodney M.

Yes, we are being entirely fair because it has been the Democratic Party's MO since the days of James Earl Carter. We'll take the gay money, take the gay votes, serve 'em a little fancy food every once in awhile and don't do jack for them.

Oh, the distinction is NOT exactly black gays v. white gays either. It seems to be activist gays/non-activist gays. White gays tend to be more activist although you may not find a harsher critic of the President on gay issues than Pam Spaulding.

Oh, I'm from Detroit too and wasn't aware that Earl was. Always good to see a hometowner do good.


Who gets to decide what is a "gay rights issue"?

Considering all the gay men, especially black gay men, who are HIV-positive, I think that Health Care Reform is a gay rights issue.


@ ELG:

Health care reform is a gay rights issues. Some of us (ROD) have been saying that for years or months. It's funny that now people are saying that too. But we're not saying ignore everything else, so don't suggest that.

What's the point in having "healthcare reform" if you still can't visit your lover in the hospital? What is the point of HCR if you can't even get benefits for your significant other or their children? If the govt is still prevented from giving social security or disability to your surviving partner? And what HCR are you talking about?

Black gay men sitting around, twiddling our thumbs and waiting for "health care" reform is not change. Doing nothing just to defend the president is not change. You want to want to talk about the diff between black and white gays? In the 80s, white gay men took to the streets, got arrested, threw red paint at pharmaceutical execs and congressmen to get funding for AIDS and drugs. Every HIV drug today is a result of that.

Rod Mc

ELG makes a very good point. I've always said that health care reform is a gay issue and impacts black gay men. Especially on HIV funding and Medicaid.

But we can't sit and wait. We have to be vigilant on all fronts. As Dalton said, what is the next step? Having health insurance but paying higher rates because LGBT families which are not considered families? Or not being allowed to visit our loved ones in hospitals? And as black gay men, we're not fighting for any of this. Sadly. -RM


Very good Earl. Congrats!

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