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16 September 2009


Cevin Fisher

Ooh that is a sexy sexy man.
And I love this new line, lots of great lightweight summer wools and cottons.

D. Askew

Perfect retro sexy Mad men looks for the summer. I am so there. And wait up Chad!


it's about time! why has chad been off this blog so long?


here we go again TOWLEROD 2.0!
chad white on both blogs in the same day? coincidence?

how do you get backstage pics? and when will you post nate gill again???


D, get over yourself, you complain about any model or athlete who is not ghetto or hood. Chad is sexy and fabulous and i aam feeling the looks here. get into it!


Hmm...That's fashion? I missed my calling. I admit that I never got the Chad White obsession on all the gay blogs. He's got a nice body and face, but in a completely generic way. No Umph! at all. He looks like a thousand other interchangeable guys on the internet or local gayborhood.


Reggie Resino, it's in the eyes...


@ MJ:

I think what it is about Chad is his eyes and his cheek structure. But he's very handsome and has a causal jock type masculinity.

And no offense but the last Chad White post on this blog was February 12, 2008. Hardly an "obsession" lol

Oh and D, you come across as a hater. Weren't you saying less Will Demps and more Alen Iverson?


"Official Crush Object TM Chad White" is absolutely right!!! Chad and Kerry Degman make a great team, especially when Joe Lally is involved, http://contributingeditor.blogspot.com/2009/08/sex-is-not-enemy.html


I usually don't comment on the blog items about men I don't particularly find all that attractive. But I could never understand why people come on here and diss people's look. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. No one should berate someone else for who they find attractive. When I was younger, I used to get offended by black men who were mostly interested in white guys. I would call them snow queens. I am now 43 years old and it doesn't bother me at all now. I love my black brothers of many hues. But I have no right to hate on those you prefer the white boys.

Rod showcases many men. I don't hate on him for that. He focuses mostly on black men, but sometimes he shows non-blacks as well. If some people prefer certain men, then they should peruse the sites that focus mainly on those men. Rod 2.0 is more than just looking at fine men. Rod serves the black gay community by focusing on issues and controversies that affect us directly. When someone needs to be called out, he does it. Check out the story about Tim Hardaway. Some people who comment are only heard from when the story is about fluff. They rarely if ever comment on the hard news stories like gay bashing, civil rights, AIDS awareness, and other insightful issues.

If you don't like a particular type of person shown here, then don't comment. Since you have already demonstrated the ability to not comment on everything, then don't comment on this as well. You should know by now that Rod is going to feature who he wants to feature. It's his blog and he pays the costs to be the boss.


LOL D is just triflin...

this boy is hot Period...thanks rod


Damn, they are workin those shorts. Sexy.


I want Kerry to stay away from Chad. I am starting to think something is going on because every time I see Kerry, I see Chad. Literally.

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