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11 September 2009


Ralph Davis

LOL, no I almost didn't recognize Zack with clothes on. He ha sbeen going shirtless so often and its lovely, lol.

Manuel is very hot. Where is he from?


Manuel Ramos is so so hottt!
I want to tattoo his name on my body and have his baby!!

Ryan Canty

Great piece, Rod!

the models are hot, and John Bartlett--THANK YOU for coming BACK to fashion! Show these weak ass male designers HOW IT IS DONE!

I love John's work and i love how he has ALWAYS showcased men of color in his many fashion shows and it has always looked and felt organic...

plus, his clothes are fantastic and he's one of the FEW designers out there who knows how to design for men of color (i.e. you don't have to get the pants taken in or out because you got ample back and/or front)!

good stuff!

now, if only Ozwald Boateng and Ron and Ron would come back to the scene, i'll be quite happy.

Aaron Parker

Totally feeling these looks and the models are fantastic. Bravo John Bartlett!

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