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15 September 2009



Nate Gill is a revelation. An physical inspiration. So are the other models. They are enough to whet anyone's appetite. Models, keep up the good work!


The models look great but again, don't like the clothes. Where are the "Mad Men" type suits?


Can someone please post links to good mens fashion blogs. i don't know of any.

Did you go to Google? 'Cuz you've left this same comment several times. -RM

Lang B

I like these pieces- individually. NATE GILL has such a presence that is intoxicating. I am still trying to figure out what it is about him over the other just as good looking models it is.

Former COGIC

@ "Jacob": Google is your friend. But yeah, I did see the comments in all the posts. smh

These are great individual pieces. The combinations, not so much. I really admire Glembaud's work and thank you! for pointing out that he is a black man and always casts Black, Latino and Asian models.

Nate Gill has perfect facial bone structure. And probably his eyes too. He is truly captivating.

Love these fashion pictorials. Thanks Rod!

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