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18 September 2009



Deitrick and Tonex are good friends and its' O.k. if they have different opinions about this; even, though, they are both gospel superstars.

The Truth

The fact that he said that makes me really not like him...although I was never a fan of his to begin with.

"Sissy" huh?

Will all the men who have slept with this man please say "I"?


I've taped the Lexi show when she interview Tonex and it's a shocking news.

What's "shocking"? That one of the tens of thousands of gay men in the black church decides to be honest? Or that they're not blaming their sexuality on being molested? Do tell. -RM

Nathan James

If every gay gospel singer, choir director, Minister Of Music, organist--and dare I say closted/DL pastor--were to stay home this Sunday, would we have church in very many places? I think not. It's still astonishing to me how many essential church finctions are carried out by gay parishioners, even though many of their churches demonize and dehumanize them every day. Now comes this rant from Deitrick Hadden.

Was Bayard Rustin a "sissy"? James Baldwin? Langston Hughes? Deitrick lives as a beneficiary of their work, even as he decries gays as "sissies". In fanning the fl;ames of hatred in a religious context, Deitrick actually distances himself further from God. In making the blanket statement that "all Gospel singers are not gay as I don't have a sissy bone in my body", Deitrick invites me to reply: "You are a 'sissy' and a coward. Bravery comes from any gay or lesbian person who suffers daily from the words and actions of homophobes like you." I'll say it again: those who speak out against us the most loudly, are often...one of us."


Congratulations, Dietrick!

Now that God knows that you are not a sissy, your entry into Heaven is assured!

Derrick from Philly

"Now that God knows that you are not a sissy, your entry into Heaven is assured!"

I don't know, JIM. Our Savior was kinda' soft, gentle & sweet. He sure wasn't no macho man thug type. In fact, Jesus had traits more like what folks down South still call "sissies".


I know nothing of this artist. But judging from the pictures in this post, I'd say that if he really didn't have any "sissy bones," he'd be as spreadable as margarine.

Kevin Perez

The sissies are the ones that usually have the DL/Straightish muscle boys eating out of their a$$es, literally. The sissies are also the ones that are up in front of the line fighting against the po-lice, homophobic thugs and gangstas and gender-conformist women and church hoodlums.


I maybe gay, but I sure as hell ain't no sissy or a punk! I'm with you Deitrick!


as a gay person these words no
longer irritate me...because the
user ,usually wants to get with me.So I say "why,u want me.."

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

If flamboyance is equated with being a sissy then Mr. Haddon is Queen of sissies. He is an exteremely flamboyant man. Gospel Music's Liberace may have been Tonex but Mr. Haddon is Rip Taylor. He makes me sick, anyway.


@ NLS:

How do you black church women and self hating church sissies find this blog? You're always the first one to comment and throw stones. No matter what you tell yourselves, these is not "WWJD". And that sissfied church queen Deidre may think he doesn't have a "sissified" bone in his body, but that is only because he has had plenty of other sissified things up n him!!!!

Derrick from Philly

How ironic, though: he doesn't want to be a sissy, yet the pronunciation of his first name is the same as one of the greatest movie divas of all time--imitated by many sissies. My drag mother used to call me "Dietrich".

Ya hear that, Deitrick?


What a filthy nest these people dwell. HE'S calling people out about being a sissy? There's a dust of powdered sugar trailing that one. The black gospel circuit and their heterosexual delusions is a great example of the madness of crowds.


A piping hot mess! Just a piping hot mess!

And if you go to EJ's blog and read those posts you will find out why the black church is drowning in hate and foolishness-- they are actively debating on whether or not they should love Tonex! These people are so behind the times on theology, sexuality, and just plain common sense! No wonder our churches have lost their way-- they have lost the true message of the Lord and replaced it with materialism, prosperity preaching, and hate for gays. How will people be brought closer to God if you rebuke them? If all people see from Christians is rebuke, shame, and scorn, why would they want to associate with you?


Chris Cruz

--->Gospel Music's Liberace may have been Tonex but Mr. Haddon is Rip Taylor.

You'd better work it Cindy! lol
That closet church queen Haddon doesn't fool anyone with his faux hardcore gospel metrosexual thug realness.

Love your manis, Deitrick. Love. Them!


Deitrick Haddon is one of the biggest church closet queens alive today, the lady doth protest much too loudly!

Sissy?? That sissified tweety bird has alot of nerve taking a pic like that claiming she is not what we all know she is-


Is that him in the photo??

How you doin?

Chitown Kev

Hmmph. Guess she told them!



I really think the joke is on us. I have no idea who this singer is, but I believe he is expressing a sense of irony and humor.

There is NO way this man (Deitrich) thinks that anybody thinks he is straight. This boy knows that he is same gender lovin' and everyone around him knows that he is same gender lovin.' His mother knew he was same gender lovin' almost at birth. She named her son after a gay icon, Marlene Deitrich.

Let's re-frame this discussion, and laugh with him, not at him.

Chris S

If he is NOT gay then why does he keep stalking dudes on FACEBOOK??
We have too many Chris' on this blog, please add an initial or something. -RM


His response is so typical of closeted gay folks. Does he even realize that? If he were really interested in deflecting attention from the gay vibes he gives off, then he should be more embracing of homosexuality in his words. At least more people would be talking about his progressive attitude instead of how he's trying to hide his gayness. The gay community is hip to all the tricks closeted folks employ. He needs to stop it.

On another note. I don't know why I laugh whenever someone refers to himself as same gender loving. It just sounds so much like a cop out. But that's my view. And I'm not saying that people shouldn't call themselves that. Some people hate being called gay or homosexual and prefer to be called same gender loving. I don't get that. What if I want to just screw another man instead of loving him. Would that make me a same gender f'er, or maybe just a slut? I don't know.

Mel Smith

This brother Deitrick is likely the epitome of self hate.

How can Tonex be cool with this man and others like him?




@ THE TRUTH...I am with you. It just makes me NOT LIKE HIM and I don't need to boycott or rant. Just won't be paying his records (or playing his videos anymore! That's the kind of power I GOT!).

@NATHANJAMES. I wish we could do something more than SIMPLY stay at home. That's not in conjunction with those of us who are spiritually-minded and God-grounded. I wish that one Sunday we would WALK OUT of those churches that continue to make it fine, okay, acceptable and practice to berate people ESPECIALLY GAYS AND LESBIANS. There are UFC and MCC and The Fellowship churches around the country and for those who say that they don't get enough of what they need (i.e. big choirs and such)...maybe if you would bring your gifts and talents to a storehouse where they aren't thrown back in your face or where you are not vilified from the pulpit, WE COULD INDEED MAKE A MASTERFULLY JOYFUL NOISE FOR THE LORD. As for me and my house, WE PRAISE THE LORD and I have been blessed with some of the most gifted singers on the planet AND we worship GOD IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH!

Bless Deitrick for finally opening his mouth and letting his hate drip from it. Now we know one more. @ MEL SMITH. He didn't say he was cool. He said here was NO LOVE LOSS because as Christians we are called to LOVE our enemy. I don't hate Deitrick or any of these other Gospel Gangsters Hiding Behind the Word. I am just not going to dinner with them and I'm not going to support their hatred where I CAN. As a TV producer with a bit of programming power, I will utilize it accordingly. Bless it and Bless God!



I was blessed to have TONEX at our (UNITY FELLOWSHIP CHURCH NEW BRUNSWICK) 7th Anniversary Gala last year and I said this to the crowd: TONEX IS THE GREATEST MALE VOCALIST ALIVE! What he has in his vocal register is a thing of God and you have to hear him to know what I am talking about. He and Rahsaan Patterson are just amazingly gifted and out but TONEX IS SICK! He's just the truth. There are a few (ERIC ROBERSON among them) that still get my money and support but very few male vocalists get my adulation! TONEX GETS THAT!

SOOOOOOOO how about ENOUGH of this energy around people we don't like and who don't like us! GO AND SUPPORT TONEX! He's a better singer and a more loving human being! HOW ABOUT WE PUT OUR MONEY AND SUPPORT WHERE OUR MOUTHS ALWAYS ARE.

TONEX IS OUT AND GAY AND TALKING! How about we show that it was worth the struggle and that we have his back! I think that's where we need to use all of this force and not talking about someone we don't need to be giving all of this clicking and spacing.









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