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01 September 2009



I certainly hope this initiative fails to get to the ballot. I'm very concerned about people having the power to deny other people rights.

I don't live in DC. Can anyone from there chime in on what the prospects are for this initiative being approved by the voters in DC? I'm from California, so I wasn't shocked by Prop 8 winning because a ban on gay marriage was previously approved by Californians and because of the nature of North and South politics in California. After all, California has elected several Republican governors. So I would be very interested in hearing from DC citizens.

Michael Crawford

It is unlikely that an initiative to ban marriage will get on the ballot. The Board of Elections and Ethics already ruled against Jackson's attempt to repeal marriage recognition at the ballot.

Jackson and his ilk can do a lot of damage in DC by trying to pit white gays against Black residents. And, as Rod pointed out we need more Black LGBT people to be visible and vocal against the kind of race-baiting that we expect from Jackson.

Jackson is also attempt to undercut DC's home rule be appealing to members of Congress who do not represent DC to get them to block marriage equality.


This is a good wrap, Rod. As always.
And thanks to Michael Crawford for representing!

Bob Summersgill

Harry jackson is doing this to raise money and notoriety. He doesn't think for a moment that it will be sucessful.


The matter that he ignores is that civil rights are not put to a popularity contest like a ballot vote.

The right of blacks to vote 14th Amendment) in America was never put to a popular vote.

The right of blacks to become citizens (13th Amendment)of America was never put to a popular vote.

The right of blacks to marry whites (per Loving V. Virginia) was never put to a popular vote.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was never put to a popular vote.

Perhaps he should step back to ensure that all civil rights changes since the original drafting of the constitution should be put to a popular vote.

Anthony in Nashville

If Jackson is able to gain significant traction on his efforts, perhaps it is time to drop DC brothas from the elevated plane most of us place them on. All those black gay men, many of them educated and "connected," sitting in silence? No, ma'am!


The d*ck in DC must be so good that all the men are in a sex coma!

There is no other explanation for their troubling and continued silence on so many important issues. But they *all* show up at the next party or ball. The real problem is that both white gays and straight blacks think "if they don't care, why should I?" and it hurts us at every turn (and with both groups).

Chitown Kev

Well, since Miss Bishop Jackson is inviting homophobes nationwide there, as distasteful as it is to get in the politics of another city, some of us black gays may have to pick up the slack?

Kevjack, I lived there for 2 years in the late 80's/ early 90's. The glass d*ck might be that good for these black queens but the d*ck you're talking about really ain't all that.

But...you didn't hear that from me. Well, I just feel like being evil about this whole issue of these tired DC black gays.


I moved to this area (I'm 5 minutes outside DC in MD)two years ago and the apathy amongst the black gays here is striking. They seem far more concerned about their new pad, car, vacation, etc. than anything political. Gay politics in DC is an almost all white affair. And, to top it off, some of these black queens have the nerve to talk about the white gays who are the only people doing anything. It's shocking how cowed the black gays in DC,MD and VA are. They will do nothing to upset the apple cart. Some also love to act like activism is some kind of 'white' thing and they just want to keep their business private, as if speaking up for yourself is like having sex in public. It's pretty disgusting. They hold onto their closests and cowardice here like trophies.

There are conscious, vocal black people here, but the sad truth is they tend to be ones associated with the white crowd. The black crowd is kinda pathetic. I've had more arguments about this than you'd like to know. And, don't get me started on the church queens. Despite the fact that DC, MD and VA has a choice of many inclusive black churches, especially Unity, the queens here love the homophobic ones and will defend their right to be treated like trash by these churches. See, the preacher isn't talking about 'them'. LOL- (bitter laughter).

The other thing I find is that white gays seem to be more upset about the violence metted out to black gay men than black gay men are. Many will even concoct theories as to why it really was the victims' fault as to make themselves feel safer.

Oh, and Chitown Kev: the d*ck here is only so, so. DC is the kind of place where the men think that their job, car and townhouse should get your d*ck hard even though the face is busted, the body is broken down and the attitude stinks like a hog farm. They don't take rejection well.

Still, it isn't all bad and you really will meet some of the smartest, most interesting black people in America here and not everyone is apathetic, it's just very noticable because of the amount of black gay men and women within the beltway. I don't have any solutions, just listing the problems. I'd like to know if it's like this in areas like Atlanta with large, educated, black gay populations. Anyone?

Chitown Kev


In other words, it's pretty much the same way it was 20 years ago when I lived there...sad. Including the d*ck.

See, the thing is, some black gays in DC do have money and influence. The thing that struck me when I lived there though is that many of the black gays there are not closeted.

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