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03 September 2009





Well lets give thanks to Kanye to help bring the sexy 80's back
No more XXXL over size under shirts
Trey. T.I. c'mon more


:) Trey Songz it really working his new album.. introducing people to him for the first time.. in ways we have never seen :)

The Truth

The album is enjoyable and it doesn't hurt that he is fine.

Perfect fit for my boo.


Damn Trey!!! *faints*


I can't get enough of his "yo side of the bed" song.. very Prince-like!


He's hot but i aint buying that album.Heck, im not buying albums of any of these r&b youngings.Their 'music' just don't do it for me.


SoulKid check his mixtape - anticipation before u say that. . .solid. . .Ready is aiight. . .but anticipation was damned good. . .


Uh, ok. He's trying a little too hard for my tastes to sell his album. He was sexier to me when he was just being his laid back self with the first 2 albums (that I actually did buy). After hearing "LOL, Smiley Face", I'll just pass on this album and listen to the singles when they get played on the radio.


Try looks great! I love the new muscles, the new hair, the treasure trail and the peek-a-booty pic as well. I only wish he didn't have so many tatoos.

Twitter = Strongforu


Gre8 pix.. got his new cd the other day..i play every night!


The young man is definitely pretty. All that messing around in the weight room has really paid off. Pun intended.


Is he selling a CD or angling for a spot in the CoCo Dorm?


ok baby boy is trying too hard...


Meh!!! .....Too" ..... I don't know! ....something about him turns me off. Why do everything got to be about damn sex??? It's a sad time for music when you have to sex your image up to sell albums. I wouldn't want to be a singer nowadays. Plus he is totally giving that backshot pic to the "Fellas" (((L0L))) ...looks like he's saying "Homie if you buy my album I'll give you some booty tonight" L0L!!! He better get to sexing and this album better atleast go gold cause his last 2 albums didn't sell nowhere near 500.000 and if this cd performs badly with sales he might have to think about joining "Coco Dorm".......Goodnight Fellas" .....Zzz


OK, so he looks good.

But is with that tattoo? Did some trick get up in the morning before Trey woke up and write a Dear John letter on his left pec?


Oh, and just noticed the first photo: Is someone in the fashion industry recycling Radio Raheem as the next role model?


Trey!!!! Hardly any females gon' be checkin' out that last pic...... BUT "WE" ARE! LOL... Guess u already know it, dontcha! Mmmm hmmm.


I don't about the music but his body is smoking!


me likes.


Y'all have me rolling with y'all's comments (lol).

Anyway, he's always been fine, but has gotten finer since buffing up a little bit. Didn't know he had a new album coming out, though.


*Thumbs down*

James M

Wow this kinda reminds me of Mario. Mario is doing the same thing but I love Mario better!


Photographer: "You look hot, Trey but it's a bit too "gay leather bar." Here, hold this radio! Yeahh, that's the ticket! Snap."


By the way, anyone else notice that the boombox has the gay flag colors on it? "How you doin?"

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