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11 September 2009


Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

This man felt comfortable to do what he did because there is a general resntment and disrespect of President Obama because he is Black. This is unprecedented. Bill Clinton and ZRichard Nixon were two of the biggest liars in teh US presidential history and this never happened.
Bush stood and lied repeatedly about MWD and he was never called out during a joint session of Congress. This is disgusting.
Rt Wing talk radio are doing the ame thing and supporting Wilson in his outbursts and claiming it was counterpoint to the applause the speech recieved. Some a re refering to Obama's speeces as "Speechafyin'". Whaddya call the 1st Black Harvard Educated POTUS? Answer. A Nigger


WOW, Cindy.

I hate almost every word in your comment and I hate it because, in my soul, it feeling so true.

The disregard and disrespect to the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is non-negotiable. It wasn't before and there is NO WAY it can be now!

This behavior is vile, vulgar, ugly and yes, RACIST. White people and assimilated negroes and other colored folks don't want to make everything about racism. But this isn't EVERYTHING. This is SOME THING! This is huge! It's not something that we can be quiet about. If being the President was supposed to somehow assuage racism, WELL...IT AIN'T WORKING!

This censure MUST HAPPEN! His apology is not sufficient because this behavior wasn't some SLIP of the tongue! You don't accidentally open your mouth ON YOUR JOB AGAINST YOUR BOSS AND EXPECT TO NOT BE REPRIMANDED!!!!



Cindy spoke the truth. Until Obama and Co. take this issue head on they will continue to have problems with policy. Bill Clinton (who had a little white trash in him) knew how to handle these people and he took them on (and won 90% of the time even after the '94 Revolution). Obama, on the other hand, has largely surrounded himself with white elites who simply do not grasp the real issues at work for a few reasons:

1) The liberal white elites have very few interations with black people (especially poorer ones), or conservative whites. This is a blind spot for them. They honestly don't know how to deal with these people, and have no strategy to contain them.

2) They are reluctant to label these attacks as racial because it will force them to deal with an issue that Obama was supposed to "rise above." (Newsflash: His election didn't change much, and may have acted to embolden these folks). Look at the reaction to the Gates affair. The bottom line is that Obama's support among whites in tenuous, and they are scared. But he is the President-- what sense is occupying the office if you will not use the power it gives you?!?

3) They want to win. But winning without standing by your principles is not winning in my book. We need real reform-- REAL reform. Obama seems to desire compromise, but that is clearly not the best option here.

Let's get to work and get the reform we need.

alicia banks

ditto rod!

see more at OUTLOOK



The problem with the Obama administration when it comes to dealing with aversive racial bias is that they are scared to deal with it because so many whites like to use the accusation that "if you talk about racism then you are racist". Which is a retard and bizarre accusation because you have to call it what it is, a spade. They want to "stay above the fray", but the problem is the "fray" is aversive racial bias. If you want to alleviate and overcome it then it must be called out immediately.

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