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14 September 2009


Derrick from Philly

When the stories about this form of torture broke several months ago, I couldn't believe it was true. Now, reading the Iraqi mother's account of how she found her gay son was heart wrenching and frightening. I have to wonder about the kind of creatures who could commit such horror. They really come across like sexual sadists to me--committing horrible atrocities that have a sadistic element to them. F...kin Jeffrey Dahmers is what they are.


These reports are truly frightening and horrific. I also remember being skeptical when I heard the reports months ago, hoping against hope that it was an exaggeration or an isolated case. What monsters could do such a thing to another person? In the name of Allah or God no less?


That's horrible.


It's interesting what people will do in the name of "their" god. Christians in our own country are but a STEP away from doing this themselves. But we TOLERATE these people because they are "god fearing" and our family. Ugh all religions that preach hate and intolerance are dangerous. Christianity and otherwise.


If Iraqi gay people start to fight back, they will be able to catch the perpetrators of these crimes.

Taylor Siluwe

The belief that an all powerful deity needs puny humans to go around smiting folk in his name is beyond my comprehension.

However, this proves that the greatest threat to mankind isn't global warming, overpopulation, disease or some meteor hurling toward earth, but the most sinister creation we've ever conceived - religion.

alicia banks

dyam rod

but i bet some black church websites are scheming on some new links now!



very interesting that more virulently homosexual post-Saddam. Impossible to be a Saddam defender, but there are definitely arguments to be made that some things are even worse since our invasion.


Isn’t everyone happy they got a good return on their taxpayers’ dollars?

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