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16 September 2009



Another whitewash. No pun intended. Did they catch the person who allegedly killed him? If they haven't arrested the killer, they don't know jack. But I'm not surprised unfortunately.

H. Smart

I am not shocked. Jamaica has been known for hating on anything "alternative"...esp in the case of homosexuality. Was the note not enough? Madness!

H. Smart

Oh and Green, you are on some serious crack and completely out of touch. The gay Jamaicans that I know are fearful of their lives on a daily basis. Most live in the closet and wouldn't dare tell anyone about their sexual identity. So either you are clueless or a boldface liar. I am going with the latter of the two.

T. D

I agree with Smart. That is exactly why I left Jamaica, Homophobia in Jamaica is a living nightmare, Jamaica is my home, but i had to leave, luckily California welcomed me with open arms.

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