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30 September 2009



I am happy to see in the list the name of Hawai‘i Board of Education Member Kim Coco Iwamoto. Probably some of you don’t know her story. She is a transgender woman who was elected to the state Board of Education. (In Hawai‘i, there are no local school districts, only one statewide school district.)

It was AFTER she was elected to the board that it was revealed in the newspapers here that she was transgender. She had never denied it. It had just never been mentioned before.

In other states, there would have been hell to pay. While Hawai‘i can’t really be described as “liberal,” there is a certain cultural acceptance of transgenderism here. When it was revealed she was transgender, there was hardly a peep.

She comes up for re-election next year, and it will be interesting because, since 2006, the evangelical bigots here have become much more vocal and openly hateful. They even wear red shirts when they protest, like the Southern paramilitary off-shoot of the KKK, still active in South Carolina.

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