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18 September 2009



Why? Why? Why?

180 days for killing a human being. Too bad Hunter didn't have a gun or knife to kill this SOB. Now people know why I bashed my attackers until the police came and pulled me off of them. And the cop afterwards told me I did the right thing. You cannot rely on the justice system. It's justice for the criminal only. To hell with the victim. And in this case as well, Hunter was denied his justice. Well, I hope somebody makes him his bitch while in jail. If he even ends up going.


This is an outrage. Why wasn't the surviving witness interviewed? And why weren't those other hoodrats prosecuted? This makes me so angry, he is literally getting away with murder!


I can't believe this was tried as a misdemeanor. This is very sad and just unbelievable. My prayers to Hunters family.


Welcome to the land of the politically correct--race trumps sexual orientation and if you don't agree you're a racist bastard.

Both the victim and attacker were black. So your point would be... ? -RM











I am praying about the response to this because all that I do and am is being ENRAGED by this and I am so thankful to God that I am not at home in DC because somebody would be...not well.

WOW..this is disgusting and deplorable and I am so pissed right now that I might hurt somebody! What gay man has ever walked up on a dude and just grabbed at his DICK and HIS BUTT?!?!?!?!?!? I am just saying!




I mean we are living in 2009 and the same sick stereotypes still...WORK? DAMN DAMN DAMN!

I am not going to sleep well this evening, but I will be praying because...somebody might get hurt.



Very good point, Rev. There is no way in heaven a gay man is going to approach a 19-year-old male stranger in a big, anonymous American city like Washington, D.C., and grope them. Unless, of course, he was invited to.

Faintly, I could imagine something like that happening in a small Southern town, if alcohol were involved. In D.C.? Never.

When I look at that photo of Hunter, it’s hard for me not to see in him a hundred gay men I have known and ten thousand more I have seen. That can’t help making me even more angry.

But what makes me angriest is thinking of all the good Americans who probably believe Hannah performed a public service.


What makes me angry is that with all the black gay men in Washington, D.C., apparently NONE of them cared enough to organize and protest this outrage against one of THEM.

If this had happened to a white gay man in D.C., WHITE GAY ACTIVISTS would have done SOMETHING about it because THEY care about each other for more than just sex and parties. Where were the so-called "black gay activists" in D.C.?

The way this whole incident played itself out is proof that the black gay "community" is nonexistent except for random/casual sex and superficial socializing.

Random/casual sex and superficial socializing does NOT make for a viable "community" that anybody respects. I guess it's every black gay man for himself.



You are SOOOOOO right. As a DC-born and -bred LGBT activist, I headed organizations that would have gathered a firestorm around this and it is making my soul sick to see that there haven't been meetings and marches, protests and procedures that made this story HUGE AROUND THE COUNTRY! So now, we as Black Gays especially are saying indeed...WELL.

It's like WE believe the CHURCH MADNESS about who we are and what we do and so when a story breaks, we consider PARTS OF THE PERPETRATOR'S STORY! This young man (and a friend...so now they are a gay gang!) would not in 1000 years grab at someone on the streets of OUR 'HOOD IN DC and be able to get at him FRONT and BACK! It's just not fathomable and to have to see the city silent and not whooping somebody's natural behind (and I am being civil in my language) is soul-shaking!

Not only is there not so much anger in the city that the police should be on watch, the community itself appears to be nonchalant! I AM FURIOUS. Somebody would need to be moving across the street because every Black Gay Man should be spitting fire right now and taking no prisoners. But there is shoulder-hunching and this is the price we pay for being closeted and quiet, inactive and un-united. Maybe everyone was still tired from Labor Day Weekend in ATL and forgot to get mad...again!

I just don't know. This young man and the Black community as a whole are taking the "GAY PANIC" to another level and it is happening to us first--HE IS GOING TO GET TO GO HOME WITH A SMACK ON THE WRIST...to add to the one he suggested he got on his rear--and we are going to take it, with no grease, because we feel "bad about being gay in the 'hood" and not being loved by our churches and our communities!

This is a mess of epic proportions and I woke up grateful to God for mercy and wondering if I would be in jail right now if I still lived in DC, because someone would look at me the wrong way on the street right about now and catch a beatdown just because I am able!

I am sad in my soul and my anger is just being vocal because if I stop and think about who atrocious this is and how insanely telling it is about what's going on in our community, I would not be able to move.

HOMOPHOBIA isn't more rampant in our community than it is in America, but OUR COLLECTIVE RESPONSE as Black people is so cavalier that is makes it seems that way. Between that and our level of vocal violence in our churches, it makes it seems as though our own people would offer us up to the stake!


It's time for some action and I am more than willing to make my way to DC to scream....LITERALLY...BLOODY MURDER!

Rod, thank you for keeping us up on this story.

Pardon me, Gentleman and Ladies, I've got some calls to make!


"Simple Assault"? WTF is that!! In the least you would think manslaughter charges would've been brought against this guy. But obviously a gay life is not that important in a place like DC which professes to be so gay friendly. Idk what its gonna take to get our community out in the streets & take action against this unjust plea bargain. And as elg said had this happened against the white gay community there would be marches in the streets & hell to pay. Can someone in DC tell me where are all the black gay men who should be taking action against this sentence? Please don't tell me in the closet, because last time I was in Washington there were plenty of out black men walking around.

Chitown Kev

elg and everyone else,

In Chicago we would be on some BS like this. I mean, I put DC black gays on my tired list right when this story broke. Tired, pitiful, broke down, church queens, they are.


What injustice! I am getting more and more sick of our judicial and police systems as they downplay these acts of hate!

This is why I have no sympathy for any of these losers when someone takes justice into their own hands, since the law allows them to do these things with no real consequences.

I do hope that some friend, family member of Hunter's, or someone in that city is outraged enough to take this chump out. Too bad he is not in TX!

Kevin Perez

If the victim was a Heterosexual Black man killed by a White cop, then there would be an outrage from the Black community. LGBT of color aren't considered important.

Isn't that something? These pathetic excuse of Black activists are willing to fight for Black people around the world for equality in Latin American countries Cuba, Brazil and etc... But these douchebags cannot help LGBT Blacks at home? They're willing to go through such great lengths for people whose concept and ideal of race and class are different in Latin America than America, than for LGBT Blacks who want the acceptance of Black people and stop being excluded from the community. They'll fight to recruit people who are unwillingly to identify as "Black" but push away those who do because they're gay.



As I stated in prior posts, I moved here two years ago and the apathy among DC Gay Black Men is breathtaking. I thought there would be a vibrant black gay community beyond the clubs. HA!! Anything I've attended whether political or charity wise involve the same black faces.

I doubt many have even heard of this story. They're big here on not being connected to any "Gay Sh*t". I don't mean they're not on Adam 24/7, up at the club every Saturday night, picking out their gear for Halo on Friday or getting busy in the showers and sauna at Ballys on L St. No, they take pride on not being aware of anything 'Gay', anything involving their rights or standing up to the homophobia in their communities or in their churches. No, that's too 'Gay' and that's a white thing. They'll tell you that as if it's something to be proud of.

The ones who know about this case actually will defend this little murderer's version of events. For Real!! There will probably be a protest against this, the Blade has been covering it, but most of the people protesters will be white. I'll have to check out the Blade this week and see if anything is planned. Yep, that's DC in a nutshell. On the other hand, a new party is coming at the end of the month with some more buck naked strippers. You can bet the brothers will be there with wallets open. I tell you, if you ever run into a DC black gay man and he's complaining about the white gays in DC, please take two steps back and slap that bastard right across the face because they are the only ones who give a sh*t about anything here.


@ Kevin Perez

I agree with you, but I'll go one step further. These activists don't even fight for the black community. The amount of black-on-black violence is off the charts. Yet there seems to be apathy in our community. People don't want to tell the police what they know. And the only time you hear them complain is when a cop beats down a brother or a white man attacks a black man or woman. Just a few days ago, a white man assaulted a black woman at a Cracker Barrel (how ironic?). The Justice Department is now investigating it mainly because she is in the Army Reserve. But similar investigations should occur with gay bashings and killings just to highlight what is going on. These crimes are on the rise and something needs to be done about it. But getting back to my earlier point, these activists don't do crap.

As I've said before, every gay person in America should have a plan of action in their heads. If you are going to run, then run like Satan himself is chasing you. But if choose to stand and fight, then make sure you take one of them with you if this is going to be your last stand. But don't stand there dumbfounded. Sometimes it can be a war out there. I have known many a gay brother or sister who would slit your throat just as soon as they would look at you. Make a choice and make it strong.

Kevin Perez


Which puzzles me why so many activists are going to Latin America to "help" their "brothers and sisters" south of the border or any where else in the world. They can't do anything about the crime, the murder rates and social issues and etc... here in US of A but they'll go to Cuba, Brazil, Dominican Republic and etc... to yap about Black unity and to fight for their rights? They can go all the way beneath Mexico and they can't do anything for folks, especially Black LGBT about equality. What will they do when they encounter themselves with a young Afro-Brazilian boy, gay and fem who lives in the slums outside the city? Are they going do the same thing they do you LGBT of color here? Hold them responsible and tell they brought all the misfortune and violence on themselves?

They're so self-rightous to lecture about inequality and injustice of Black folks in Latin America but SELDOM anything is said pertaining to Black LGBT in inner cities and their flight. And those problems are within THEIR OWN BACKYARD!

Chitown Kev


I'll go maybe 2 steps further.

You know why there's a lot of apathy in the black community right now.

'Cause they think President Obama will fix it with magic or something. I really believe that an apathy that was already there (for a host of systemic reasons) has become more acute now that Obama is President.

Mind you, I am not blaming President Obama!


"Simple Assault?!" Thats unbelievable.. The judge was obviously lousy at interpreting law but the prosecutor in this case was even worst! How can you not convince someone that Hannah was dangerous?? The message they are sending is that its ok to kill someone as long as they are gay/black and touched you before hand or your able to convince people he did.

BTW, Hannah said Hunter touched both his dick and his ass! WTF! It only takes a split second to turn around and being that Hannah is SUCH a homophobe how was he able to touch both his front and his back!? Obvious lie that the entire courtroom swollowed..

The nerve of his lawyer saying "Oh he's not dangerous he just had a kneejerk reaction" What if I say the wrong thing to him? What if I bump into him and dont say excuse me quick enough! You can't be serious!!


If you can't get justice in the courts, then get it in the streets and on the sidewalk.


If there is no action on this, start it yourself. 1-3 people is better than no people.

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