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14 September 2009


Christian Lebeija

(sigh) I am truly in love with this man..


Ok, did he just get 10x sexier or what? I love smart, compassionate people. I hated that Eggs got killed last night...


Character died? that's putting it politely. After shagging the hot girl on the show, his character was shot in the head. Again! Is that how all his TV gigs are going to end? First was Desperate Housewives, and now True Blood. I'm sure he'll move on to better things, but I was like, "Hmmm I've seen this before somewhere..."


That is an incredible interview. I'm so happy to hear a beautiful black actor say this in Hollywood. My love and respect has grown exponentially.

Bill, btw in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Eggs was killed off, too although it does look like he has a bit of a pattern here. Mehcad already has a new show next season on ABC.



Love. This. Man.


this is brilliant. i always (wrongly) figured mehcad was a homophobe, that shows you can't judge a book by his cover. thank you mehcad and loved you on true blood!

st Marcs

oohhh I love him so much more now he was already the tastiest thing on TV and now I find that he is just plain ol lovely too?? ohh the humanity why can't they all be like this... hey yall don't forget he was on dollhouse too they might still bring him back!

Sean Beasley

Awww that is just wonderful.

Thanks! We love you Mehcad!


Well I hope he's ready for a marriage proposal from me once it's legal LOL jk. He seems like a great guy and I've seen some interviews with him where he seems like a very open minded and thoughtful guy and I'm glad he's not scared to say what he really feels.


who knew that eggs, i mean mehcad, was such a conscious dude? true blood is a good show but shirtless eggs made it required viewing for me. loved that hot sex scene early in the season, he's got perfect abs and ass! glad to see that he's a smart and progressive dude, we need more of those.


Bill, He already has another gig. I believe it's on ABC, a law show.


smart, fine, and thinks for himself (not impacted by what's popular)...that' change I can believe in. i wish there were more like him...


Rod, I was just about to watch the finale of True Blood but I thought I would pop on your site first. A spoiler alert would have been really good thing.

I took it out. Fyi "True Blood" cleared more than 24 hours ago. If you read the Honey interview, the ending is mentioned in the first sentence. It was also discussed on numerous television shows and across the internet. smh -RM


Mechad Brooks stood up and stood out. I loved his words of encouragement and support of the LGBT community. Keeping it real. He is such a beautiful man who got even more beautiful after that interview.

Former COGIC

@Rod, lol
By now you should know that you can't do anything right. You can do 20 posts a day and someone will always find a complaint. Always.

Moving on to the interview...This is fantastic news. I never knew what to make of Mehcad. I hope he was gay friendly, he seems like a progressive and political bro, he was very pro Obama and campaigned for Obama. This is such great news, my respect band admiration grows.

Chris Cruz

Beautiful inside and out.


I never saw the Honey interview and never saw or read anything about the ending. Just finished watching it and it still caught me somewhat off guard.
BTW, thanks for posting this article. I'm glad to know Mehcad is an ally.

Don Normann

He's hot. He's sexy. He's crazy. He's dead. He's hot. He's sexy. He's crazy. He's dead... Obviously, there's a good head on his shoulders above that ridiculously sick body and the killer six-pack. Now he just needs some better, meatier roles...the kind where he LIVES and gets the girl (or guy) for a change. Am I biased now because of his views on Prop 8? YOU BETCHA!

Dallas Goodbar

Okay, I take back what I thought about him after meeting him at my job last month. The brotha has a head on his shoulders (unlike Kanye) and a beautiful body.


um..decent interview.

but, really, that's the "in" thing to say with celebrities:

Brad and Angelina
Charlize and Stuart, etc.

yea, Mehcad, you'll wait until gay marriage is legal for all...or is that just until your midseason show starts in the winter and you'll be talking about something else entirely...

i'm kinda over celebrities basically hopping on what's currently a hot political agenda to further their images and seem "progressive" when most aren't...

Mehcad isn't homophobic, but don't believe for a minute he's an ally of ours...really.

show was good...he worked in the limited capacity he did..he's eye candy...with a smidget of talent...

im happy a brotha is getting acting gigs and he was cute on true blood...

but miss me with this sudden need to be politically just because you just came off a role for one of the hottest shows on the air helmed by arguably one of the most innovative and openly gay writers around--who just also happens to be addressing gay marriage in thinly veiled context on the show and IS a MAJOR supporter of gay marriage..alan ball.

honestly, his saying this shouldn't endear him to you..he should ALREADY be bringing it in his support of gay marriage..unless this was just an attempt by his publicist and his team to make him seem "progressive" and "LGBT friendly"...

Mad Professah


(though the way they killed off his character on TRUE BLOOD second season finale was worse than wack-it was cliche'!

Please--a distraught Black man waving a knife gets shot in the head. *yawn*)


He's like a dream to me....


Yeah apologize to one ana all that I did not say thanks to Mr. Brooks for his support. I can only hope that his new show on ABC will include plenty of shirtless scenes where he talks about marraige equality.

Carter G

Rod, I'm surprised you even fell for that one.

It's Tuesday afternoon, Soulbrotha. Did you watch the finale yet? is it okay to discuss it now? smdh


mechad meachad meachad.... super sexy. i love true blood and u being in it made it even better. i cryed the last episode when u died. i couldnt believe it!!!!. im looking forward to u being in a movie or a show. and if it doesnt work out. it would be totaly fine with me if u just sat infront of the camera and told storys with no shirt on. hahaa

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